10 Reasons Relationships Fade Over Time

Over time, routine sets in in love relationships, the passion of the beginning gradually disappears and the arguments are more and more numerous. Relationships often fade over time and knowing them is essential to preserve your relationship.

10 Reasons Relationships Fade Over Time
10 Reasons Relationships Fade Over Time

If you want to make your relationship last and above all to flourish together, here are the 10 reasons why relationships deteriorate over time. We will also give solutions to overcome them.


Over time, the routine ends up settling in your life as a couple, but also in your sex life. However, this intimate moment of complicity, pleasure and sharing is very important for a couple. The hugs follow each other and resemble each other, they become more and more spaced out until you no longer think about it...

Instead of wasting your time elsewhere and jeopardizing your couple, you can buy sex toys and naughty accessories to get out of the routine. For example, buy a box for a hot moment for two et explore new horizons. Depending on the box you choose, you will revive desire and passion, develop complicity within your couple and have fun for two. By looking into the question, you will see that there are as many boxes as there are fantasies.

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The lack of communication

Communication is one of the keys to making a couple last. By clearly expressing your desires, your feelings, your needs and the things you don't like, you give the other a chance to understand you. It is also an essential element in establishing a certain of complicity. Note that subtlety doesn't always work. Looks, subtle remarks and gestures are not always deciphered by the other. Make a habit of speaking openly, but gently, respectfully and calmly to express your thoughts.

The routine that sets in

As you share your life with each other, routine can take over. Days and evenings resemble each other and you take each other for granted. The problem is that your sex life and your relationship in general will suffer. The passion weakens, the complicity will disappear and you no longer get along very well. Little by little, one or the other (or both) will be attracted to another. If you want to avoid all this, the solution is to spice up your life, quite simply. Try new things, spend time together, just the two of you, but also with other people. Do not hesitate to leave for the weekend, to go to the cinema or to the restaurant as soon as the opportunity arises.


Lies are also one of the reasons couples break up. They in fact reduce trust in the other. A person who lies often does not inspire respect. In all aspects of life, always try tobe transparent(e), even if the truth can sometimes hurt. It's better to let your partner know, suffer the consequences, and try to work things out. Rather than hoping that the person never finds out (you know he/she will find out, sooner or later!).


Feelings of insecurity and lack of trust are also at the root of problems in a relationship. A person who has been the victim of infidelity or lies will naturally feel insecurities, source of jealousy and other problems in the couple. Such a person may want to try to control his/her partner.

To have a healthy relationship and sustainable, you have to work on yourself. Know that insecurities can be worked on very well. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with a professional, therapist or coach for example.

Reproaches and criticisms

In a couple, blame and criticism are poisons that can kill you slowly. In stop blaming and criticism, favor compliments and sweet words and you will see the difference! Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes and focus on their positive aspects.


The family can also cause conflicts within a couple. If some people do not hesitate to interfere in your couple to sow discord, others are simply invasive by imposing their presence when you want a little privacy, for example. In any case, you should always put yourself in the other person's shoes if the problem comes from your family. feel free to distance yourself and to clearly express to your loved ones that they are invading you.

The lack of involvement in the couple's life

Many people say they suffer because they feel that their partner is not involved enough in the relationship. Do not hesitate to devote time and energy to make things evolve and show the other that you are there and that you are making an effort.

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Lack of common goals

Sex, travel and hobbies aren't the only things that matter in a relationship. You must indeed consider common goals, things that you want to achieve together. If you have been in a relationship for more or less time, you can discuss the future. Do you want to have children or not? Do you want to stay in your current city or do you plan to live in another country (once married, for example)? Having a shared dream, like buying a house or visiting a country, will help motivate you and make every effort to achieve it.

Not taking time for yourself

Being in a relationship does not mean having to give up on your dreams, your passion or neglect yourself. You shouldn't put your needs on the back burner. feel free to take some time to take care of yourself, to do activities that you enjoy, to take care of yourself, to play sports, to go out with your friends of yours… You will thus avoid suffocating yourself in your relationship.

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