10 reasons to plan your wedding abroad

Organizing a wedding is not to be taken lightly. It requires making a multitude of decisions concerning the theme, the number of guests…, but above all the location. To this end, if many people generally decide to have the ceremony in their city, know that it is possible to organize your wedding abroad. This is an option that has many advantages that you will find in this article.

10 good reasons to organize your wedding abroad
10 good reasons to organize your wedding abroad

You will make beautiful and original photos

If you decide to organize your wedding abroad, it is surely to do it in a special place and romantic. And who says special place, says original photos. Even if there are prettier places in your home, changing the scenery will make your photos special. To this end, if your wedding is to take place over several days, ask your photographer to prepare accordingly, in order to immortalize all the good moments of the ceremony. Moreover, to help you in your organization, do not hesitate to consult a wedding website.

You can limit the number of invitations

Of course, marriage is a happy moment that you want to share with all your loved ones. But if you have to invite everyone you know from near or far, you risk planning a big budget. To avoid this and be sure to find yourself in a small community, organizing a wedding abroad is therefore ideal.

First of all, not everyone will be able to travel, either for lack of time or lack of resources. Then you can use the pretext of distance to justify to certain people the fact of having ousted them. Finally, the budget for a wedding abroad will be much higher than if you organize it at home. This justifies the reduced number of guests.

You can take better care of your guests

Organizing a wedding with a small committee means that you will have a lot more time to devote to your guests. No chain handshakes or “Hello, thank you” throughout the day. You will only be surrounded by people who are truly close to you.

You can spread the festivities over several days

If your budget allows it, to thank your guests for making the trip, you can invite them to a dinner the day before D-Day. Also, the day after the ceremony, you can also organize a brunch to spend time with them. This way, you can better evacuate the stress of the wedding. Apart from this, you can also opt for a walk or an activity in the region, to share a completely relaxed moment with your loved ones. In addition to creating wonderful memories, it will allow all your guests to get to know each other.

You will allow your guests to discover new places

Even if many of your guests are used to traveling, it is very likely that your wedding location abroad will be unknown to the majority. So this would be an opportunity for them to find out. In addition, by organizing a short walk after the event, you give them the opportunity to discover other places that were unknown to them.

You will limit your decoration budget

If you choose an idyllic setting, the decor is enough on its own. You can enjoy:

  • A breathtaking panorama;
  • A heavenly beach;
  • A space surrounded by nature…

These places will save you from having to spend crazy sums on decoration. Just provide the bare minimum (flowers, garlands, etc.), and you're done.

You will discover new customs

You are aware that customs and traditions differ from one destination to another. So, by choosing to organize your wedding abroad, you agree to do things differently, depending on the region. Also, during your trip, you will discover new ways of living, which will only enrich you culturally.

You have many options when it comes to choosing your wedding venue.

Deciding to get married abroad means having the possibility of choosing your wedding destination among many others. You can decide to celebrate your union in Thailand, Morocco, Guadeloupe, Russia, the Netherlands… the destinations are plethoric. So do some research on the different countries you are interested in, in order to find the one that suits you best.

You will momentarily avoid the “wedding blues”

The wedding blues is the little depression that threatens most brides (especially women) after marriage. You will realize that the organization of this event will monopolize your minds, but also your evenings and weekends. So once all that tension is behind you after the wedding, the pressure will drop and you'll feel a little helpless. To this end, taking advantage of the foreigner will do you good.

You will have unforgettable memories

It is true that no matter the place, a wedding allows you to have unforgettable memories. But when it takes place abroad, it's even better. The new setting, the small number of guests, the extension of the party, all the conditions are met to engrave this event in your head forever.

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