10 reasons to worry about mixed signals

Words, words and more words, which you sow in the wind.

Each of us has been there before: one foot in, one foot out, our butt between two chairs, trying to find out if your feelings are real and not knowing whether or not to take the plunge.

Especially in the modern dating world, where one can easily fall into seemingly innocent mind games such as calculate the response times to your messages from your partner, the or the leave in view tactically, chat with several people at the same time, that your partner assumes you while avoiding engagementt, etc.

Whether it is you who send them, or whether you are on the side of those who receive them, the mixed signals can make you feel powerless over your own life. They are a waste of time, energy, and decrease the chances of a stable relationship.

So, heed our advice: What do mixed signals mean? What if you are a victim of mixed signals?

What do mixed signals mean?

All about mixed signals
All about mixed signals

« Mixed signals is when someone is inconsistent in the messages they are giving to people. »Shirani Pathak, Psychologist.

Expression mixed signals comes from the English expression mixed signals.

Mixed signals can be a conscious choice to test your partner, and thus try to test the basics of a relationship. They can also be an unconscious expression of a person's self-destructive means to avoid long-term engagement in a romantic or friendly relationship.

Mixed signals basically mean that whoever sends them doesn't know what he wants. So he tries to get the best of both worlds.

Mixed-signal senders want the affirmation, opportunity, and benefits of a relationship, but they don't want no explicit commitment, and their tacit detachment is their way of letting you know.

And in a nutshell, what do they mean? They mean that you're wasting your time.

The 10 most common mixed signals and what they mean

Actions don't follow words

Words, words and more words, which you sow in the wind. The expression " Actions speak louder than words Could never be better used. There is nothing more confusing when they say one thing but act in a completely opposite way: it is infuriating! When in doubt, remember this saying and the famous song from Dalida. Trust their actions, even if you would like to believe something else.

Flirt with other people ...

Perhaps the most painful mixed signal is when your partner continues to date other people. Flirting can be hard to define, but if their behavior is clearly over the line, it indicates that they are not ready to ask and may not find the courage to tell you clearly.

… But get jealous if you do the same!

Oh, double standards! They can't have the butter, the butter money, and even the creamer! Whether you're flirting or not, having your potential partner blame you for your behavior when they're doing EXACTLY the same thing is a classic mixed signal of not wanting to engage, but wanting you to stay hooked on them anyway.

Your expectations do not come true

Perfectly illustrated by their right to flirt but not yours, a relationship is a commitment of equals and therefore the expectations must be respectful and mutual. If they can cancel at the last moment, flirt, want sex, call you at any time, or have other expectations without giving you anything in return: they want you, but only for the sake of selfishness.

Only show affection in private

Showing your love to everyone can be a little disgusting at times, but there is a difference between being modest and wanting to hide something. Showing affection in private, but not letting the world know, is weird.

Both hot and cold

Everything is fine (at least that's what you thought), and suddenly you are left in sight for 2 days: but what did I do ?! Pulling out when things are apparently going well is a way for him to say "stop, things are going too far too quickly". It's not cool for you to be someone's priority one day, and become a stranger the next day for no reason.

Avoid official engagement

“But why tell everyone, what we're going through today is very good like that,” or any such excuse… this is a well-known avoidance tactic. There are so many reasons why someone might want to avoid making things official, but having a serious relationship without defining it first is a tough situation to go through and could prevent you from finding the security and happiness you deserve.

You spend time together, but it's wasted time

You always go out in groups. You think of something else during your dates. They are constantly on their phones. Plans are made at the last minute or late in the day, and often end up in the bedroom. If you really care about someone, you'll find a way to make time for them and make sure you bond and focus on them. It's not always a question of quantity, but what if they can't even give you 50% of their attention? These are serious mixed signals.

They refuse to be stung

It takes time to develop intimacy, and in many cases, physical intimacy is an easy substitute when one does not want to bring out emotional intimacy. However, when you are trying to build that emotional intimacy but are faced with barriers from their side, it is a sign that they may never want to expose their real "selves" to you.

Plans are not followed

In a new relationship, it can be wonderful to think ahead and imagine big plans together: outings, vacations, a shared home… It's a great way to build a relationship together, but what? is it when these future plans substitute for the present moment? These are mixed signals, and right now you're on the sidelines, just hoping your relationship will change in the future.

What if you are a victim of mixed signals?

Mixed signals

The first thing to do when dealing with mixed signals is to ask yourself " what do i want? »

What if you are a victim of mixed signals? What if you are a victim of mixed signals?

Many of us find communication difficult, but it is the key to any relationship, whether it lasts or not. Speaking honestly with someone ensures that you are taking care of your emotional well-being by being true to yourself.

Remember that mixed signals can be an innocent mistake; we all communicate in different ways. So, don't instantly assume that your love is doomed. Some people do not intend to send mixed signals, and this is done against their will. Patience is the key to giving them their own opportunity to finally achieve what they want.

In conclusion, the way to deal with mixed signal reception is to phase yourself in and decide if engagement is what you are aiming for or not. Is this person worth the mental and emotional stamina you're going to need to take it on?

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