10 reasons not to put your grandparents in nursing homes

Today, more and more elderly people choose to live in an accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people (EHPAD). While this solution may have some advantages, it is not necessarily the best for all grandparents.

10 reasons not to put your grandparents in nursing homes
10 reasons not to put your grandparents in nursing homes

In this article, we are going to give you 10 reasons not to put your grandparents in nursing homes.

1. Maintain family ties and intimacy.

Family ties and intimacy are essential elements in any relationship. Grandparents are often sources of support, love and care for their grandchildren. EHPADs can often be places where family ties are strained and intimate relationships are difficult to maintain. Placing grandparents in nursing homes can therefore have a negative impact on their relationship with other members of their family and their intimacy. It is therefore important to find alternative solutions to maintain the family bond and the intimacy of the grandparents, rather than putting them in nursing homes.

2. Avoid isolation and depression.

Grandparents are important members of the family and their isolation can be particularly difficult to bear. Placing grandparents in nursing homes can isolate them from family and friends, which can lead to feelings of depression and loneliness. In addition, even though EHPADs offer activities and services aimed at keeping older people in good physical and mental health, the results may not be the same as those obtained by staying at home with family and friends. . Grandparents who can stay home are more likely to enjoy their family and friends to the fullest, which can help reduce their feelings of depression and isolation and give them the opportunity to live a rich life. and full.

3. Offer them services adapted to their wishes and needs.

Grandparents are often very important members of our families and their well-being and health must be taken care of. If you choose not to put your grandparents in the EHPAD, you can offer them services that meet their wishes and needs. By ensuring that you provide them with an environment adapted to their medical needs, you will be able to offer them the care and services that best suit them. You can also offer them activities adapted to their physical and mental abilities in order to stimulate their minds and maintain their good health. Grandparents will also be closer to the family at home and will be able to enjoy special moments with their grandchildren.

4. Avoid change-related stress and anxiety.

Changes can be stressful and anxiety-provoking, and this applies to grandparents just as much. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to the upheavals and discomfort caused by a new environment. The transition to an EHPAD, although often well intentioned, can lead to a difficult period and even a feeling of loss of freedom and isolation. Grandparents may also feel overwhelmed by the various changes and develop feelings of anxiety and stress. It is therefore important to avoid the stress and anxiety associated with change by taking the time to talk with grandparents and provide them with support and comfort when they are faced with a major change.

5. Preserve their autonomy and their decision-making capacities.

Grandparents are precious members of our family. By offering them their autonomy and decision-making abilities, we allow them to maintain their dignity and their sense of personal accomplishment. In an EHPAD, grandparents are surrounded by 24-hour care and attention, but they lose their independence and freedom of action. Their choices and decisions are limited, and their ability to make important decisions is limited. In their own home, they can continue to live their lives at their own pace and on their terms, retaining their autonomy and decision-making ability. This allows them to maintain their dignity and sense of personal accomplishment, while receiving assistance and support at home if they need it.

6. Allow your family to share special moments.

The moments spent with the grandparents are privileged and unforgettable. They allow family members to share memories and values ​​with older people and to understand their life experiences. By keeping them at home, your family can enjoy these precious moments and their wise advice. Grandparents are a source of inspiration and the moments shared together can be very enriching. A presence in the home can also help bring family members together and maintain the bond between generations.

7. Offer continuity of assistance and accompaniment.

Grandparents are often the first people we call for help. They are there to give us advice, encourage us and support us. By putting them in an EHPAD, you deprive them of this continuity of assistance and support. Indeed, by placing them in an establishment, you do not give them the opportunity to help you in the event of a problem and to take advantage of your presence. You are also taking away the opportunity for them to get involved in your life and encourage you to achieve your goals. Also, by being on the outside, they won't be able to offer you the support you expect from them.

8. Limit the risk of abuse and mistreatment.

The eighth reason not to put your grandparents in nursing homes is to limit the risk of abuse and mistreatment. Unfortunately, abuse and mistreatment in nursing homes are more common than you might think. Older people are often frail and vulnerable, and they need a safe and protective environment. In EHPADs, there may be staff shortages or poor hygiene standards. Grandparents may also suffer harassment or disrespect from staff. By keeping them at home, you can monitor their well-being and ensure that they receive the best care and attention.

9. Enable access to quality care.

EHPADs (accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people) offer medical assistance and quality care, but they cannot offer the same quality of care as a hospital or medical center. Grandparents who need specific and specialized medical care may not have access to this care in an EHPAD. In addition, the medical care that is offered in an EHPAD may not meet the specific needs and preferences of grandparents. The presence and support of loved ones and family members can be very important for the mental and emotional well-being of grandparents, and this may not be possible in an EHPAD. Grandparents deserve access to quality care, which may not be possible in an EHPAD.

10. Avoid additional expenses related to maintenance and accommodation.

Ultimately, grandparents can be accommodated at home while receiving the necessary care. Home care is a cheaper option than the EHPAD because it allows you to set up a support and care system at home, without the additional expenses linked to the maintenance and accommodation of an establishment. accommodation for the elderly. Plus, grandparents can stay home and feel safer and surrounded by family and friends. In-home services can also help improve grandparents' quality of life by allowing them to stay at home, even if they need certain services and medical care.

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