10 reasons to be familiar with the new ALUR law

Issues related to access to housing and rental are often a source of conflict between many landlords and their tenants. In order to promote a better framework for monitoring the domain, the legislator has put in place the Duflot II law, commonly known as the ALUR law.

10 reasons to be familiar with the new ALUR law
10 reasons to be familiar with the new ALUR law

Here are 10 good reasons why you must know this law.

Know the new provisions on real estate in France

The ALUR law (Access to Housing and Renovated Town Planning) is indeed a new law which corrects many imperfections in the field of real estate in general and housing in particular. So you need to know each of these fixes.

Learn more about the formation of this law

The ALUR law was formed within a specific framework. To learn more about the terms of ALUR law training, you obviously need to pay more attention to it.

Find out about the advantages and formalities of renting

Do you have tenant status? Be aware that the ALUR law provides for provisions to protect you in the event of a dispute. This is one of the reasons why you should know this law well. This will let you know what action to take should a problem arise.

Find out more about applying for social housing

The ALUR law also takes care of the social housing. It has also made it possible to clean up this sector, in particular in terms of requests, which are now made online. knowing this law will allow you to know how to go about it, in particular with regard to the documents to be provided to make your requests for social housing online.

Be better informed about the fight against substandard housing

The fight against unfit housing is one of the key reasons why the ALUR law was passed. Knowing this law will allow you to learn more about the tools put in place to more effectively combat unsanitary and inappropriate housing.

Everything you need to know about real estate advertisements for sale

Advertisements for sale previously published did not necessarily include detailed information about houses and properties for sale. The ALUR law corrects this state of affairs, by providing new provisions to this effect.

Be better informed about real estate rental advertisements

To allow tenants to no longer be duped, the ALUR law now requires that certain information must be put on rental property advertisements. Moreover, if you are a lessor or a canvasser, you must necessarily know this passage of the ALUR law.

Know the new provisions relating to urban planning

This law also brings a real change with regard to town planning law. It is therefore necessary to clearly understand this law, to find out more about these changes as well as the new proposals made in this area.

know the new ALUR lease model

Since the ALUR law came out, a new lease model has been put in place, in accordance with the provisions of this law. Thus, lease contracts are now drafted in a particular way.

Find out more about solidarity land organizations

With the aim of supervising and improving the land register in France, it has been set up, thanks to the ALUR law, certain solidarity land organizations. Being familiar with this law will allow you to learn more about the field of intervention of these organizations.