10 reasons to buy an air curtain

Improving thermal well-being within the various constructions is today at the heart of everyone's concerns. It was then that human intelligence came up with the idea of ​​a hot air curtain, an excellent technique for conserving the ambient temperature of a room.

10 reasons to buy an air curtain
10 reasons to buy an air curtain

Find in this article 10 reasons to buy a hot air curtain.

Energy saving

Hot air curtains have the prerogative of being very economical. Indeed, they eliminate thermal bridges. Thus, temperature exchanges are no longer possible. The ambient temperature is then stabilized and at this time, the device no longer consumes.

Adapt to all rooms

A hot air curtain is created to protect the rooms against heat loss. It adapts to all types of construction, from narrow buildings to large buildings such as domestic dwellings, retail spaces, exhibition spaces, sports halls, etc.

Commercially profitable

This device facilitates access for people with reduced mobility and the easy circulation of goods in your stores. A hot air curtain increases the usable space available to customers and employees at entrances.

Offers a modern style

Simplicity, is in furnishing the interior, one of the significant decorative allies. The hot air curtain follows this trend perfectly. It eliminates doors and windows separating different rooms (an office for example) while maintaining the temperature of each room.

A comfortable and easy to maintain device

The hot air curtain is a soundproof device that ensures the thermal comfort of all users and allows them to circulate without obstacles. Maintaining a hot air curtain is very easy to do. All you have to do is take care of the filters and the air inlet and outlet vents.

Protection against the cold winter wind

By covering the entire opening with jets of air at high speed, the warm air curtain protects in winter against the cold wind from outside by directing an air flow at the entrance to prevent air cold to enter the heated enclosure.

Protection against hot summer air

In summer, hot air curtains serve as cooling devices. It always prevents, thanks to the air flow, the hot air from the outside or from another room from entering another space, the cooled one.

Guaranteed increased security

It makes it possible to avoid collisions since with the installation of a hot air curtain, visibility increases. So there is no physical obstruction. It reduces fogging, the formation of ice on the floors and the drying out of doors in a cold room. The hot air curtain facilitates the evacuation of personnel in the event of a fire.

Protection against insects and pests

Thanks to the operation of the curtain, insects or rodents approaching the entrance will be stopped by the invisible airflow blown at high speed. Those who insist will be repelled by the temperature difference in the rooms. The curtain thus controls the presence of insects or redness in the room where it is installed.

Guaranteed a hygienic and healthy atmosphere

The hot air curtain keeps the atmosphere clean against particles, pollutants, dust and bad smells. It helps maintain an adequate environment and acts as a barrier against fire smoke. It also participates in reducing the diffusion of CO2.