10 reasons to buy the Quersus ICOS EDITION ONE gaming chair

To allow video game enthusiasts to have the best possible experience, some brands such as QUERSUS offer armchairs and chairs suitable for gamers. These armchairs are different from the classic armchairs, because they are designed to adapt to the intensive use of computers.

10 reasons to buy the Quersus ICOS EDITION ONE gaming chair
10 reasons to buy the Quersus ICOS EDITION ONE gaming chair

In this article; We present to you 10 reasons to buy the ICOS EDITION ONE gaming chair from QUERSUS.

1. A chair adapted to everyone's needs

The shape of the gamer seats is inspired by the bucket seats of motor racing. This shape avoids any deformation of the spine and any possible lumbar problem. Motor racing drivers need to be concentrated and strapped for hours on end in their car seat, gamers also need this same concentration. The QUERSUS ICOS EDITION ONE gaming chair has been designed to meet this need for concentration and also for comfort.

Besides gamers, workers can also afford this type of chair for better concentration and better productivity. For example, if you spend long hours in front of your computer to do video or other editing, you can opt for this kind of chair. By being comfortably installed, you will be more productive. With this type of chair, you will no longer have to adapt. This is the chair that will adapt to your morphology and your needs.

2. The ICOS gaming chair is good for your health

This is one of the most important reasons. Indeed, the gaming chair has been designed to allow you to spend long hours in front of your computer while avoiding deformations or other lumbar problems. Thanks to its ergonomics, it relieves your whole body. With the gaming chair, you can therefore avoid back problems such as sciatica or scoliosis.

Classic chairs are suitable for short periods. When you have to spend long hours in a seated position, the use of a conventional chair increases the risks to your health. Indeed, in addition to pain in the back, neck, shoulders and sometimes even in the head, you will be predisposed to irritability. To avoid health problems, it is recommended to opt for gaming chairs when you will have to spend long days in front of your computer.

3. Comfort

The high-density foam padding built into the chair gives it optimal comfort. In addition, ICOS is available in two upholstery options: breathable fabric or faux leather. These two types of coverings optimize the comfort provided by the chair.

4. The use of quality materials

The QUERSUS armchair has been designed with the latest generation materials, perfectly resistant to breakage and cracks even under heavy loads. This is particularly the case with the QRS Cold-Cure foam that covers the structure of the seat. This foam totals a density of 55Kg/m3. This considerably increases its resistance to compression. The integrated aluminum leg makes the chair stronger, more durable and also more stable.

5. Customizable settings

Gaming chairs have several functions that allow the optimal adjustment of the seat according to your needs. Indeed, you have the possibility of adjusting the chair so that it adapts to your morphology, your positions of play or work. ICOS offers you a reclining backrest up to 140°, which will allow you to relax all day long in front of your computer. It also offers you the possibility to adjust:

  • The distance between the seat and the backrest
  • seat height
  • The headrest according to your size and the nature of your work
  • Armrests with polyurethane padding.

In addition, the armchair is integrated with casters covered with a layer of polyurethane to allow you to move around conveniently without damaging your floor.

6. The anatomical shape of the backrest and seat

The ICOS seat has been designed to allow you to spend a long day in front of your computer while being comfortable. For this, the chair has some specificities, particularly with regard to the anatomical shape of the backrest and seat. Indeed, ICOS has:

  • A well-shaped seat at the knees: which allows better blood circulation in the legs. In addition, thanks to this configuration, you have the possibility of placing your feet freely under the seat for long hours without feeling numbness in your legs.
  • A spacious back and seat: the back and seat of ICOS have been designed to perfectly fit the body and eliminate unnecessary pressure zones.

7. Durability and quality

The materials used for the ICOS armchair are robust and of very good quality, which gives it excellent resistance and durability. Indeed, the lifespan of gaming chairs is longer than that of classic office chairs. Even if they are more expensive, the quality/price ratio of these chairs is more interesting than that of classic chairs.

8. The MS synchronous mechanism (MAXIMUS SYNCHRO)

The presence of this type of mechanism allows on the one hand a better inclination of the backrest in order to allow you to improve your posture. On the other hand he:

  • Increases seat dynamics
  • Allows full contact of your body and backrest
  • Improves muscle movement throughout the day
  • Facilitates the adjustment of the seat length.

In addition, the MS mechanism incorporates an anti-shock system, which prevents the backrest from hitting your back. This system is a new solution whose objective is to improve the ergonomics of office and gaming chairs.

9. The ability to customize your ICOS chair

If you are meticulous when it comes to design, the gaming chair is a great solution. When buying your armchair, you will have the choice between different styles. In addition, it is a high-end accessory. It has therefore been carefully designed with high-performance and stylish accessories.

In addition, QUERSUS offers you the possibility of personalizing your gaming chair, with your name, your nickname or your logo in order to benefit from a unique and specific seat. It has been scientifically proven that workers who are satisfied with their work environment are more motivated and more productive. By personalizing your armchair, you have the possibility of making your environment more convivial and warmer.

10. Performance

If you are a gamer, the gaming chair allows you to improve your performance over the long term. By guaranteeing you a correct position and better comfort, ICOS EDITION ONE allows you to raise your level in your favorite games.

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