10 reasons to choose a wooden Christmas tree

For the end of year celebrations, you want to buy a wooden Christmas tree, but first you want to know the advantages of such a choice. There are several reasons to prefer wooden trees to plastic trees.

10 reasons to choose a wooden Christmas tree
10 reasons to choose a wooden Christmas tree

Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should choose wooden trees!

Breaking out of the ordinary

One of the primary reasons for choosing a wooden tree is that it allows you to step out of the ordinary framework. With such a plant, you make the difference. It is a choice that will bring a touch of novelty to the children's party.

For an eco-friendly choice

Choosing a wooden Christmas tree allows you to opt for respect for the environment. This is one of the best ways to participate in the ecosystem development policy in your area.

Bring an original touch to your living room

Wooden trees are not yet running the streets. So having one in your living room will bring an original touch to this room. The presence of such an object in your decorative plan brings a touch of creativity. the wooden tree allows you to distinguish your festive frame from the usual frames common to all children.

A chemical residue-free Christmas tree

During its manufacturing cycle, the wooden trees do not receive any chemical treatment. It's a choice that not only protects your children from the risk of disease, but also allows you to protect nature. No pollutant penetrates the water tables of the wooden Christmas trees.

Wooden Christmas trees allow you to consume locally

Currently, Christmas trees are not yet available in imports. The few models that are available on the market are those designed by local manufacturers. The purchase of such an item allows you to participate in the development of local consumer policies and, at the same time, to promote local businesses.

An excellent carbon balance

Most tree deliveries are done with electric bikes. Also, no motorized machinery is used in the fungicide spraying. Generally, the plantation plots are weeded by sheep. In short, the carbon footprint is commendable.

Wooden trees are recyclable

Unlike artificial trees, which are saturated with petroleum plastic, wooden trees are completely biodegradable. These are items that can be used as materials or made into wood chips.

job creator

Companies producing this kind of tree created new jobs. Indeed, producing wooden trees requires more labor than production according to the principles of conventional agriculture. Opting for organic Christmas trees means promoting job creation for young people and therefore promoting the local economy. It also means participating in the promotion of artisanal products such as: organic candles made from fir resin, soap, essential oils, etc.

An affordable price

The production procedure for organic trees is less demanding than that of classic trees. The absence of motorized machines and phytosanitary products reduces the cost of production and therefore the selling price.

Attract the attention of visitors

The simple fact that your Christmas tree is made of wood helps to draw the attention of your visitors to your living room. The difference attracts attention. It is also a choice that will make your children happy.

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