10 reasons to choose double glazing

You like the new home you just bought and want to do some renovations. Start by replacing windows whose panes are too thin! Why choose double glazing? Better thermal and sound insulation, savings on your heating bills, a more secure home,…, visit inexpensive glazier craftsman in paris to find out the 10 reasons to exchange the single glazing of your windows for double glazing which meets your comfort and safety needs.

Thermal insulation

Double-glazed windows are a good thermal insulator. They keep the sun's rays from warming the interior, keeping the interior of your home cool in the summer months. They slow down the transmission of heat and increase the thermal resistance of your openings. Double glazing is much more suitable than single glazing


Double-glazed windows are also a good sound insulator. Its installation limits noise from outside. The high performance double glazing will reduce noise and noise pollution caused by road traffic or planes taking off and landing. There are asymmetric double glazing models which help you to reinforce this insulation thanks to a thicker glazing towards the outside, and a specific filter.

Energy savings

Certainly, by limiting energy reductions, double glazing makes it possible to save energy. It helps you reduce your annual heating bills by up to 10%

Reinforced security

Double glazing is much more difficult to break than single glazing. As a result, you are better protected from attempted break-ins.

Double glazing reinforces the protection of your home and prevents unintentional breakage of glass and delays the intrusion of criminals.

To install double glazing in your home, we advise you to contact a glazier in Paris Indeed, installing windows is not something you can believe in. Otherwise, the installation may be poorly done, and you will not enjoy the benefits of double glazing in an ideal way.

Avoid condensation problems on the windows

Installing a double glazed window by glazier Paris means less condensation on your windows. It keeps the interior glass at room temperature. With more adequate glazing, this phenomenon is less frequent since the walls are more insulating and less cold.

Double glazing reduces interior discoloration

Double glazing will reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on your carpets, curtains and furniture. The discoloration of your interior can be minimized with the use of glass combinations reducing the transfer of UV radiation.

Increase property value

Double glazing is a smart way to increase the resale value of your property. With double glazing, your old home becomes more attractive to potential buyers looking for well-insulated residences.

Many choices of shapes and materials

There are all sizes and shapes of openings, from the most classic rectangular and square windows to round or triangular windows. You can contact glazier Paris to help you make your choice.

Take advantage of state financial aid

Choosing a double-glazed window means benefiting from financial aid from the State. This type of installation is eligible for an energy transition tax credit. You can therefore benefit from a reimbursement of up to 30% of the cost of the work.

Privacy Policy

Benefit from natural light while ensuring privacy in parts of your home where privacy is important, for example the bathroom or toilet.