10 reasons to choose telecommuting insurance in 2023

Due to Covid, working from home has become normal and many employees have continued to work from home. But they are no longer covered by their employer's insurance and their home insurance is not sufficient for teleworking to protect themselves as a person, but also to cover the professional equipment used.

10 reasons to choose telecommuting insurance in 2023
10 reasons to choose telecommuting insurance in 2023

We explain why it is important to have home insurance with guarantees for teleworking.

What is telecommuting home insurance

With the health crisis due to the Covid and the various confinements, teleworking has grown considerably and has become normalized in many companies. However, the home insurance you have taken out for your home is not sufficient if you carry out a professional activity at home.

Remember that home insurance is mandatory for tenants and co-owners. Only the owners, occupants or not, have the choice, but it is still strongly recommended. Indeed, in the event of a claim (water damage, fire, theft, etc.), thanks to your home insurance, you will be covered and compensated for the damage caused, remind the papercare experts.

There is strictly speaking notelecommuting home insurance. You must contact your insurance company to notify it in order to add the necessary guarantees in order to be able to carry out your professional activity peacefully. The amount of these warranty extensions must be paid for by your employer.

Indeed, when you are on the premises of the company for which you work, your employer has insurance to protect all its employees. But when you are at home working from home, your employer's insurance does not work, explains the papercare site. That's why it's important to be covered.

Why should you adapt your home insurance to teleworking?

Here are ten good reasons why it is important to adapt your home insurance to teleworking in the event of a disaster, such as fire, water damage or even theft:

Securing your workspace

It is essential to insure your workspace in the event that a disaster occurs and could damage your workplace.

Insure personal property

To work, you need a computer, a mobile phone or other tools that must be insured in the event of a claim so that you are reimbursed if your personal property has been damaged.

Protect yourself against theft of work equipment (computer, software and other electrical devices, etc.)

As, unfortunately, no one is safe from theft at home, it is important to be covered against theft of equipment. You will be able to insure your computer and other electrical devices.

Protect against hardware failure (computer, software and other electrical devices, etc.)

In telework, if your equipment (computers and other electrical devices) breaks down, you will no longer be able to carry out your professional activity. By taking out a guarantee to insure your equipment in the event of a breakdown, you will benefit from coverage.

Protect against hacking

Since Covid and successive confinements, hacking has increased sharply. Indeed, if, within the company, connections to the Internet are, in principle, secure, at home, this is not the case and hackers take advantage of this. Thanks to your home insurance, you will be protected against the damage caused by a cyberattack.

Protect your working documents

It is essential to protect professional documents against loss following a burglary, a fire or a flood.

Have professional liability

Having professional civil liability covers you against any damage caused to a third party during the exercise of your professional activity.

Cover the goods

Some professional activities require the presence of specific goods or materials.

Protect yourself in the event of an accident at home during your working hours

If you fall or hurt yourself during your working hours, your insurance will cover you as an accident at work.

Work calmly

If you know that you have home insurance that covers you in case of problems, you will be able to carry out your professional activity in complete peace of mind.

For more information on home insurance and the necessary guarantees, you can consult this page.

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