10 reasons to choose the right hair transplant center

Baldness is a hair problem that affects both men and women. Today, surgery is the most widely used means of settling this complex. In this article, we give you 10 elements to take into account in order to choose the right hair transplant center.

Learn about the practitioner, their experience and training

This is a key step in the operation process. Find out who your surgeon is: his professional experience, his training but also his reputation. Also, do not hesitate to ask him for photos of his operations carried out to see before/after.

Have instructions on the procedure

The surgery center that welcomes you is supposed to give you indications concerning the procedure of the operation. He must accompany you from the beginning (documents to provide, papers to fill out, appointment with the surgeon(s)…) to the end (discharge papers, postoperative care…).

Have a detailed analysis before the operation

The doctor must study your hair before the operation so that it goes as well as possible: the color, the diameter, the characteristics and the density. It is through this study that he will determine the donor area, otherwise the transplant can be problematic. If you think you have a problem with your transplant, read the solutions found here.

Compare the prices

Choosing the right hair transplant center also means comparing prices. Beware of prices that are too low and beware of services that are too expensive.

Study the quote

The estimate must be precise, you are supposed to read there the number of follicular units required and not only the number of hairs necessary. Give yourself a withdrawal period so that you can withdraw if the quote does not suit you, if the costs are too high, for example.

Choose a center well suited to this type of surgery

This type of intervention, even if it is commonly practiced today, is not the specialty of all clinics. Instead, choose a specialized clinic so that the care is complete and the medical team is complete and competent.

Analyze the techniques used by the center

There are different hair transplant techniques. Depending on your needs and expectations, a particular method may be more suitable for you. The surgery centers do not all use the same one: find out about the techniques used.

Do not end up in a clinic of average quality

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that experienced a great evolution in the 90s. However, nowadays, transplantation is developing more and more and so are the techniques attached to it. Some clinics still have methods and technologies dating from the 90s… Choose a clinic whose practices are up to date so as not to have a disastrous or unnatural result.

Get the best advice

Doctors should be able to give you the best advice and be there if you have any questions. They are supposed to reassure you in case of doubt or problem: the medical aspect is essential but so are human relations.

Beware of scams

Beware of clinics that offer promotions. Indeed, some have a commercial side much more than human: the scams are numerous, even in the clinics which seem healthy. The reputation of the clinic is to be taken into account, so do not hesitate to speak with former patients if you can.