10 reasons to consume maple water

Maple water is a natural drink produced exclusively in Canada. Far from being obtained after an industrial process, this substance is extracted directly from the tree. It is full of nutrients and mineral salts. Health experts rave about it. Here are 10 reasons to consume maple water.

A natural product

Maple water is a pure natural product. It's nothing but sap packaged in a pack. It therefore contains no additives, preservatives or added sugar. You are sure to consume a resource taken from the environment. Click here to find out more on maple treasures.

A special taste

If maple sap is a unique substance, it is because of its taste. It is a moisturizing and slightly sweetened water. You consume an energy drink without ingesting a surplus of glucose. You enjoy refreshing sugar-free water without increasing your glycemic index.

Maple water has the particularity of stimulating umami. It is a very little known taste. You will feel it when you drink maple sap.

Stock up on vitamins

The clear sap extracted from the maple tree is only collected during one time of the year. The water was thus stored for a long time in the tree. She had time to soak up vitamins and minerals. You will also find manganese, riboflavins, copper and calcium.

In addition to these vitamins, the product contains molecules beneficial to health: antioxidants, polyphenols.

Participates in digestion

You improve your digestion process by consuming maple sap. Indeed, it contains oligosaccharides. It is also a water very rich in carbon compounds. These two elements help the good bacteria in the intestine to speed up digestion. You therefore strengthen your digestive system by consuming maple water.

Regulates blood sugar levels

It is rare to consume a sugary drink that regulates blood sugar levels. This is what maple sap does. The ascorbic acid contained in the sap is the active ingredient that takes care of regulating blood sugar. This water will be of great use to you if you are obese or have type 2 diabetes.

Prevents cancer

Maple sap contains polyphenols, ginnanlines A and C in particular. These are substances that have a major impact on the development of cancer. They stop cell cycle development. It is therefore an excellent preventive chemo.

Participates in the maintenance of a good physical activity

If you practice intense physical activity, you will feel the need to rehydrate. Maple water is a drink that takes care of that perfectly. Also, if you lose a lot of energy, the low amount of sugar present in the sap restores it.

Prevents inflammatory diseases

Maple sap is composed of many phenolic elements. It is packed with nearly 24 antioxidants. These elements have a strong impact on the development of inflammatory diseases. Moreover, heart disease and arthritis are greatly reduced by drinking this water.

Provides electrolytes

When you consume maple water, you benefit from its moisturizing properties. The electrolytes present in the substance regulate the quantities of water lost.

Participate in a better mood

Maple water makes you happy. This particular taste and the nutrients brought to the body provide a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

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