10 reasons to create a book of the year

The book of the year or Yearbook in English and a book that traces all the significant events of a school year. Also called a promotional album or guest book, this book quickly became a tradition in European colleges and universities. Given its success, today it is within everyone's reach. Here are 10 good reasons for creating a Book of the Year.

Create memories

The first reason for the book of the year is to create an album to immortalize the best memories of the year before they disappear. Indeed, it is humanly impossible to keep in memory all the events which have occurred during an existence. The book of the year will therefore allow you to print the best moments that marked your year.

Create a sense of belonging

The Yearbook is an excellent way to create a feeling of belonging within a community (promotion, class). It also helps to preserve existing links. It complements the traditional class photo and allows you to strengthen cohesion within the class or promotion.

Start an original project

Making a yearbook means leading real project management in all its facets. Indeed, the realization of a yearbook involves a number of things such as group work, schedules, meetings, etc.

Develop your creativity

The book of the year is also an opportunity to bring out your creativity with regard to the creation of logos, graphics, etc. But if you don't have a creative mind, don't panic: dedicated sites like this will do the job for you very well.

Illustrate the identity of an establishment

In some cases, the book of the year is a project organized by the school. In these cases, it represents a means of illustrating the identity of the school. It promotes the activities organized within the establishment to parents of students.

Immortalize a whole year

The Book of the Year is more than just a photo album. It collects all the elements likely to arouse emotion in the near future. These are photos, letters, dedications, drawings, etc. The advantage with a yearbook is its naturalness. It reflects ordinary events, spontaneous decisions of natural emotions as well as the significant events of the year. It evokes more memories than a photo album.

Sharing emotions

The book of the year also allows you to share emotions with family or friends. Looking at a yearbook is the perfect opportunity to experience warm, friendly moments and share anecdotes.

Bequeath a heritage for future generations

Thanks to the yearbook, you have the possibility of passing on a part of your life to future generations. It even allows you to transmit to them the joy, the stress, all the emotions that you felt at the time of the immortalization of your memory. It is a beautiful legacy that you can bequeath to your successors.

Trace the evolution of a project

The book of the year is also a way to retrace the evolution of a project. Creating a Year Book will therefore allow you to see where you started and what you have accomplished over time.

Develop your sense of organization

The yearbook is a real project which requires organization and thoroughness. By embarking on the production of a book of the year, you will necessarily learn to develop your sense of organization.