10 reasons to create a WeChat account, even if you are French

Developed since 2011 by Tecent Holding Limited, the Chinese mobile application Wechat is proving more and more practical on the market. As a French person, you can also create an account on this platform, because it offers you many advantages.

10 reasons to create a WeChat account, even if you are French
10 reasons to create a WeChat account, even if you are French

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons to have an account on WeChat.

Easily transform Internet users into consumers

If it is advisable to create an official wecha account, it is in particular because of its ease in transforming users into customers. In fact, as a business, the application allows you to set up a digital "micro store". Thanks to this, users can consult your products in the application with the possibility of making purchases.

Hit multiple targets

One of the reasons why you need to create a WeChat account is the large number of users. Several people are indeed looking to connect to the Chinese market. Per month, more than a billion people register on this Chinese mobile application. It will therefore not be difficult for you to find customers for the smooth running of your activities.

Increase your turnover

With WeChat, you will have no problem to increase your turnover. In fact, thanks to its ability to help you reach multiple targets, you can easily optimize your micro-shop traffic. So all you have to do is put in place an excellent strategy to get people to buy your products.

Convenient Content Publishing

The other advantage of WeChat is that it allows your content to reach your targets more easily. In reality, companies have access to two types of account for this: subscription or service.

With the subscription, your content will be regularly accessible to Internet users with the possibility of displaying notifications in a subsection. With regard to the Service, it gives you access to more advanced functions.

An all-in-one app

When you use the WeChat application, you benefit from several features that are found in other giants such as Whatsapp or Telegram. Whether it's video calls, individual or group messages, you will have no limits in your activities.

Communicate directly with consumers

Using WeChat also allows you to chat directly with consumers. This way, you can judge for yourself how satisfied users are with your services and products. This is a feature that the majority of traditional communication platforms do not offer.

WeChat users are not all based in China

Even though WeChat is a Chinese mobile application, it should be noted that it seeks to spread day by day. Thus, it has about 100 million users outside its native country. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to make your business activities prosper.

Refine your marketing strategy

The many functions that WeChat offers you can allow you torefine your marketing strategy. For example, thanks to the live exchange with users, you can interact with them in their own language. This will only facilitate communication and establish a relationship of trust.

Enjoy an attractive and easy-to-use interface

If the WeChat application has so many users, it is also because it has a very fluid interface. In addition, its handling is really easy and accessible to all companies, whatever their activity.

A special payment system

In addition to traditional transaction methods, WeChat allows its members to use a payment solution exclusively available in China. This will make it even easier for your consumers to make their payment after purchase.

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