10 reasons to ride a bike

For many people, cycling is like playing a recreational sport that allows them to be free and to excel. You shouldn't ride very fast, but moderately, taking the time to look around, to have fun, to breathe, while stimulating your endurance. In this way, we also keep control while finding our rhythm. Cycling is also used to educate your balance and improve your physical condition. We also participate in saving the environment, if we use it to move around. As a sport, cycling is suitable for all groups and all ages. Young and old can indeed take their pleasure.

10 reasons to ride a bike
10 reasons to ride a bike

By cycling, you can commune with nature, enter into symbiosis with the environment, fill your eyes with colors and your lungs with fresh air. Pedaling while admiring the flower fields and lush green meadows, through the paths lined with fragrant lime trees is priceless. There are also countless reasons to learn or start cycling. We are going to quote at least ten of them to inform both insiders and the uninitiated about this vehicle and this fun sport.

Cycling helps prevent certain diseases

Since cycling is great for body and soul, good for muscles and lungs, it helps fight many illnesses and certain physical ailments. While it reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease, it also helps to purify the blood. This is because the composition of your blood changes with movement and increased heart rate.

Cycling, an excellent palliative for relaxation and against stress

When you cycle, you avoid thinking about your professional or other problems. The negative energies are reduced, we think of something else and the mind relaxes. The effort and its benefit concern your whole body, it influences your feelings like your breathing. What causes a positive effect on your organism, you release the stress. Hormones like Endorphins and Serotonins that your metabolism releases at this time produce a feeling of happiness.

Cycling promotes good sleep

If we do a little cycling every day, which doesn't require a lot of effort, it allows us to sleep better. Paradoxical as it may sound, cycling stimulates good sleep. By pedaling 30 minutes a day in the great outdoors and in daylight, it reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and helps you maintain your natural sleep pattern.

Cycling is a cure for obesity

Who does not know? Cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight. The extra pounds melt away irreparably as you pedal. According to a study, 15 minutes of cycling helps you burn over 90 calories. Cycling is a very gentle sport that does not put too much strain on the joints. If you are heavier or lighter, the weight rests on the saddle and not on the legs.

Cycling has a definite effect on the brain

When you cycle, it is not only your body that is stimulated, but also your brain. Cycling, by promoting blood circulation, brings more oxygen to our central nervous system. There is a large production of protein to fuel brain cells. The parts of our brains communicate better with each other, which increases cognitive ability.

Cycling strengthens bodybuilding

When you cycle, the whole body is active, it's not just the legs or feet, as you might think. Many muscles in your body are used to control, to stay in balance, to maintain your position. If we take a regular bike ride, we naturally strengthen our bodybuilding.

Cycling promotes social bond

You can of course ride a bike and have fun on your own. But you can also indulge in cycling or take a group hike. Riding together on a road, in the company of our friends or relatives is indeed exciting. We have fun, we joke, we discuss, we laugh, while swallowing the distance. The bond of friendship is strengthened and one develops emotionally. Social contact takes on its full meaning. This is even more valid in children.

The bike is accessible anytime and anywhere

Because it is easy to use, the bicycle is accessible to everyone at all times. For the road, impromptu trips or walks, the bicycle is surely very practical. It helps to save time on many trips, given its ability to defy traffic jams and traffic jams of all kinds. Many places are more accessible by bike than by car. Bike paths are also a boon for cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling makes you communicate with nature

We don't always realize how beautiful nature is. You often have to ride a bike to realize this. Through the windows of your car, the landscape scrolls too fast, “he” doesn't have time to see you and you don't have time to admire him. On the bike, it's another story, we communicate with the landscape, as the wind caresses our skin. We feel it a lot more and he also sees us. Thanks to the bicycle, we are part of nature and we become one with it.

Cycling nourishes the feeling of freedom

By bike on the road, among the fields or even in the city, one almost always has an irreducible feeling of freedom. We feel in control of the place and the air, we move without difficulty or any constraint, we are free. We can go, according to our will, in the most beautiful places. The mood improves, we have less negative thinking, less stress or fatigue. We are in the natural movement like the bird in the sky.

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