10 reasons to do accompanied driving before passing the license

Also called early learning to drive, accompanied driving is a kind of pre-driving school under the supervision of a guide to allow you to gain experience behind the wheel before passing the licence. It is a mode of learning that does have many advantages.

10 reasons to do accompanied driving before passing the license
10 reasons to do accompanied driving before passing the license

Here are 10 reasons to do accompanied driving before passing the license.

A strong chance of passing the license

To pass and pass the license, it is necessary to master the steering wheel and driving on the road, which is indeed the objective of the accompanied driving. An individual who goes through this mode of driving will very easily pass the license exams, because he would have already acquired enough driving experience.

A reduction in the cost of license training

Accompanied driving considerably reduces the expenses associated with conventional driving training. Indeed, the license training courses last 35 hours and are charged per hour. A person who has followed accompanied driving can take 20 hours of lessons and thus save the cost of the 15 hours.

Reduction of the probationary period

The probationary period is 3 years for a new driver who has received his license from the classic driving school training. However, for a person who passed his license through the accompanied driving mode, he receives a reduction of this period to 2 years, because during his early driving learning he should already drive almost 3 km.

Save on car insurance costs

La accompanied driving makes it possible to reduce the price of car insurance, because the insurance houses consider the person who has taken this training before his license as a less accident-prone profile. So they cut their extra premium in half during the first year of driving.

Reduced accident risk

Lack of experience is one of the most common causes of accidents. Accompanied driving considerably reduces the risk of an accident, because the new driver who has followed this training before passing his license acquires the necessary experience to drive.

Earn points fast

With accompanied driving, you count the 12 points necessary in 3 years while a person who obtained his license thanks to the classic training totals these points in 4 years.

Driving suitable for all

Accompanied driving adapts to all profiles. A student who wants to learn to drive, a young person or an adult who already knows how to drive and who just wants to go and pass the license, everyone can go through this mode of driving.

Save time and get your license quickly

When you go through accompanied driving, you are one step ahead of learners in conventional training. So, instead of working overtime, you can do the exact time required by law and take your license.

Gain confidence on the road

Accompanied driving prepares you for everyday driving because it gets you used to driving in various traffic conditions.

Know how to drive from 15 years old

With this driving, you do not have to wait 18 years to pass the license. It gives access to driving to minors under 15 years of age.

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