10 reasons to do your first paragliding flight

Do you dream of flying away like a bird or do you want to experience the sensations felt during a baptism in the sky? A paragliding aerial baptism has therefore been one of the popular options for some time.

10 reasons to do your first paragliding flight
10 reasons to do your first paragliding flight

Here are 10 reasons that will motivate you to take this paragliding flight!

Have unusual feelings

Getting high provides a real feeling of freedom and well-being. Few activities like paraglider offer sensations as strong as an aerial paragliding flight. Carried by the wind, like a royal eagle, you will live an unparalleled experience

In paragliding, it is rather a take-off and not a jump

Do you dread skydiving or bungee jumping because of the sensation of speed it entails? A first flight in a paraglider is therefore what you need. You will take off very slowly, so don't worry anymore.

The paraglider: easy to transport

The paraglider can fit in the trunk of your car, once it is folded. It comes in the form of a backpack and thus has nothing to envy to other devices. Among these, there is for example in the same category, the hang glider with which, it should not be confused.

An easy to do activity

Piloting the paraglider is not difficult in itself. If you take training in the establishments indicated, getting started is quick. Especially since for an aerial baptism, you benefit from the assistance of a pilot. So there is nothing to worry about for your first paragliding baptism.

A paragliding flight: an activity for everyone!

Contrary to the beliefs of some, paragliding is not an activity intended for athletes. So, whether you are a great sportsman or a Sunday sportsman, you can absolutely use this device for your first air flight. If you suffer from vertigo, you don't have to worry, because in paragliding, there is no reference point on the ground.

Develop your intellect

Who says initiation to paragliding, calls on the notions of flight mechanics and aerology. For your first experience, you will certainly have an instructor to tell you about the operation of the device. The theoretical discovery also concerns clouds, weather, etc.

Health benefits

Paragliding can have a beneficial effect on the physical and the mental of the practitioners. Indeed, it can strengthen some of your muscles and also have a positive effect on personal development. In addition, this activity can help you better manage your stress.

Create beautiful memories

Discover the mountains, the beautiful lakes, and the idyllic places of a corner of the country, a good memory. During the walk in the air, you can take some wonderful photos and videos. This is the opportunity to immortalize this precious moment offered by paragliding.

Join the paragliding community

The best way to approach the celebrities of extreme sports is to integrate the medium. So after your first flight, you can join a practice club using social networks. Talk with experienced paragliders and experience unforgettable moments. If your level of mastery improves considerably, you will one day be invited to take part in parades in the sky.

No caps on the spots!

One of the main advantages of paragliding is that you are definitely not stuck in traffic jams. In the airspace, there are no traffic jams in principle. The only precaution is to stay at the right altitude.

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