10 reasons to download the Pépites de France app

If by the greatest chance you currently live in a cave and have never heard of the nuggets of France, this is an Instagram account that now has more than a million subscribers! The principle is simple: every day they show you an unknown "nugget" place in France, a place that you should most probably visit: lakes, rivers, viewpoints, monuments, you will discover all the high places of France.

10 reasons to download the Pépites de France application
10 reasons to download the Pépites de France app

Today, we list 10 reasons for you to download the newly released application which is already causing havoc, at the top of downloads on the Appstore.

Be part of the movement

With exponential growth, Les Pépites de France is not just an Instagram account, it's currently a great movement that brings together all travelers in France, and it's important to be part of it.

Support a French project

Les Pépites de France is the restoration of honor to French traditions, its territory, its terroir, it is the highlighting of certain spaces that were once forgotten, and it is important to support them in this noble fight. .

Participate in future improvements

Like any emerging project, LPDF needs feedback from their community and from the French in general. By downloading the first version to ensure that you can give your opinion and participate in the improvement of the application which is only one stone in a larger building to become.

No more wasting time

One of the main reasons is still to stop wasting time checking the Instagram account of Les Pépites, in order to find a place you would like to visit. Just open the app and the map will show you the nugget spots around you.

Discover your region

Even if you have been living in the same place for several years, it is very likely that you do not know all the corners, despite everything, the application will certainly allow you to discover some hidden corners nearby that you did not suspect: a waterfall, a lake or anything else!

Discover France

Thanks to the map of the application, you can easily explore the other regions of France to discover the nuggets of these, it may make you want to go for a weekend in Normandy if you are from the south , or you motivate yourself to go sunbathing in the creeks of Marseille, even if it's not nearby!

Plan a weekend

Are you thinking of going away for the weekend next week? Thanks to the Pépites de France, no more breakdowns of inspiration, look at the nuggets around where you want to go, and you will look like a specialist guide in the eyes of the lucky travelers who will accompany you on your weekend of relaxation. .

Impress your significant other or your friends

The next time you go on vacation with a group of friends or your other half, all you have to do is launch the application to show them the most beautiful places around you. Thus, you can pass for a specialist guide when you have never set foot in this region!

Fight boredom!

Sometimes, it often happens that people prefer to spend Sundays at home, for lack of anything better to do: everything is closed, your friends are probably tired from their week, in short, it is easy to find yourself on the sofa doing nothing, fault more inspiration. Thanks to the application, you will never run out of ideas for outings or hikes, you just have to launch it to discover around you.

Do more activity

Thanks to the application, let yourself be caught up in your curiosity and your desire to discover new landscapes! This curiosity and this desire to conquer the most beautiful places in France will keep you motivated to do more activities!