10 reasons to fall in love young

“Love! No thanks, I prefer a cup of cappuccino. After all, cappuccino brings instant convenience without having to give anything in return.

Who is ready to remember countless dates so as not to upset the other? Plan weekends, Valentine's Day, trips, parties, etc. Plus, who wants to sacrifice their personal space?

Is that what you're thinking? Let us give you 10 good reasons to indulge in this great feeling that we call love.

A loving young couple

Feel special

Well, love means that someone is special to you and vice versa. Just one Whatsapp message you send can brighten that person's day, make them smile, or make them happy, just like you feel when someone special calls you. It's a pretty cool feeling, isn't it?

(Often) An exclusive link

In a world of 7,3 billion people, there is one person who is exclusive to you and to whom you are exclusive. This is the person you wish you could share everything with and experience everything with, no matter how boring or dangerous to you.

Having a best friend, partner in crime, and lover all in the same person

Here is someone who is your best friend to share good, bad, and ugly secrets with; the same person to call when you're alone, when you feel bad at 4 a.m.

The same person to plot a plot, and the same person to reveal their fears and insecurities too. In short, this person is a multifunctional card to which we can say everything: something quite nice.

Someone who takes care of us

So there is someone who asks you what you eat for dinner, who wants to control your bad habits or who asks you what is bothering you. Who will take care of you when you are sick and who will seek to help you in any situation. Especially in difficult times when you will try to break your bad habits like stop sleeping with your ex.

Falling in love young: surprises

The surprises ! Good or bad (we hope good) you will have some, surprise meals, surprise gifts, surprise trips. Sometimes bad too, but it's inherent in love, and what better than a little spice in your life?

Foolproof support

The secret plans of traveling the world, being a rockstar, getting the Superman cape, and other silly adult aspirations are not to be shared with anyone because they will laugh at them. But there is one person who will support your wildest aspirations, and it feels good.

Someone who will seek to impress you

So there is someone I track down on the networks and when I meet her, regularly or not, I choose my clothes carefully to impress her. This person might be doing the same for me, isn't that exciting to think about?

Someone who laughs at your jokes (sucks)

Your other half is likely to laugh at all your jokes, or at least won't judge you on your bones! It's still much better than laughing alone in front of your phone screen.

Create the most beautiful moments of your life

The best moments of our lives are created with people who are special to us and not with smartphones, not on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Memories are exclusive hashtags that you create only with your significant other, with the person you have chosen, and these moments will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Someone who will always believe you

“I saw this white whale as big as a dinosaur jump out of the water and I looked straight in the eyes, but I was not afraid. No matter how wrong it sounds, no one will probably believe it, but your loving partner will believe it. A good reason to believe that it is better to fall in love young and pursue your dreams.

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