10 reasons to finance your driving license thanks to the CPF

Getting your driver's license is not always easy. It's an investment of both time and money, and it can be difficult to get started once you've entered the workforce. However, solutions exist to help candidates who wish to get started late to obtain their driving license, such as financing through the personal training account (CPF). Here are 10 good reasons to finance your driving license with the CPF.

10 reasons to finance your driving license thanks to the CPF
10 reasons to finance your driving license thanks to the CPF

1. Significantly reduce the price of the driver's license

Financing your driver's license exam training is not always easy. But since learning to drive is a diploma course ending with the delivery of a driving licence, then it is compatible with financing through the personal training account. Also called CPF, the personal training account allows active people to mobilize the accumulated balance on their account in order to fully or partially finance their driving training. This aid can represent extremely significant savings depending on the department or city where you wish to pass your driving licence.

2. Follow your training anywhere in France

Wherever you live, you are sure to find an institution to support your CPF-funded training. Whether it's online driving schools, as shown by the possibility of having your permit at Ornikar with the CPF, or classic driving schools, you will necessarily find an approved training establishment that can train you by ensuring that you can rely on your CPF balance to finance your training.

3. All assets are eligible for CPF financing

If you have already worked, whether in the private sector or in the public service, then you have necessarily accumulated a certain amount on your CPF balance. You automatically accumulate 500 euros per year, with a ceiling limited to 5 euros that you can mobilize throughout your career in order to obtain the degree courses that will allow you to progress in your professional life.

4. Fund most professional driver's licenses

Thanks to the CPF, you can finance your training not only for the B license (or B78 for driving on an automatic gearbox) but also the different categories of heavy goods vehicle driving license (C, C1, C1E, etc.) or transporting vehicles. people (D, D1, D1E, …). However, you must keep in mind that the training compatible with the CPF differs according to the training organizations. 

Finally, certain categories of driving licenses such as motorcycle licenses (A1 and A2), the license for motorized two-wheelers (AM) or even that for carts (B1) are incompatible with CPF financing.

5. Skip the highway code

Before passing your driver's license, you will also have to pass your highway code exam. But don't worry, everything is provided for in the training courses financed by the CPF. 

If you have not yet won your theoretical exam, you can mobilize your CPF rights to also finance this learning, which remains compulsory to obtain a driving licence. And if you have already obtained your highway code, you can use your CPF balance only to finance your driving lessons.

6. Benefit from quality training

To be able to offer you training that can be financed through the CPF, the training organization must be Qualiopi certified. This is a quality certificate issued by certifying bodies, which proves that the driving license training you are going to follow meets a certain number of requirements.

7. Go through a government platform

To choose the driving license training funded by the CPF that suits them, candidates must go to the platform https://www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr/espace-prive in order to consult the amount of their training rights, but also to discover all the Qualiopi certified training organizations as well as all the training they offer.

8. Benefit from professionalization assistance

Not having a driving license can represent a significant obstacle in the development of a career, in finding a job or even in organizing your professional retraining. Mobilizing your CPF balance to obtain your driving license allows you to have all the cards in hand to quickly find a job in the event of the unexpected or to allow you to move forward in a new professional project that could be close to your heart.

9. No need to ask your employer to get your license

As with all other training funded through the CPF, you can ask your employer to make arrangements so that you can complete your apprenticeship during your working hours, but not all employers necessarily accept this.

This will not prevent you from mobilizing your CPF balance to train you for the driving license exam. All you have to do is organize your apprenticeship outside your working hours to choose the training you want without having to ask your employer if this choice of training suits him or not.

10. Few constraints

To be able to take advantage of CPF funding to complete their driving training, candidates must simply write a sworn statement allowing them to stipulate how obtaining a driving license will allow them to advance in their career. In addition, candidates must never have had their driving license suspended or banned from retaking the B license. If this is not your case, then nothing prevents you from carrying out your driving license exam training thanks to your CPF.

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