10 reasons to go on safari in Botswana

Botswana is a safe destination for tourists who want to experience a pure African safari. The country is endowed with a rather interesting potential with regard to the diversity of its fauna as well as that of its flora.

10 reasons to go on safari in Botswana
10 reasons to go on safari in Botswana

Here are 10 reasons to go on a safari in Botswana.

Go on a safari in Botswana for its atypical bird species

One of the first reasons why you should opt for a safari botswana is undoubtedly for the many birds found in the country. You will find there more than 500 species of birds which make Botswana one of the countries of the predilections of the Ornithologists.

Observe elephants in Chobe National Park

If for your safari you want to see elephants, the Chobe National Park in Botswana can meet your expectations. Once inside, you will discover a large concentration of elephants. The park also contains almost all the species of elephants found in Africa.

Visit accommodations that respect nature

For your botswana safari, you will be required to take a trip in “Green” mode. Indeed, most of the camps found on site are entirely ecological. They also have the latest technologies in the use of solar energy and waste management.

Visit wildlife without going far

One of the many attractions of a Botswana safari is that there are a number of unfenced camps that allow direct viewing of wildlife without going far. These camps also do not disturb the animals in their movement in their natural habitat.

Do the safari in Botswana by mokoro

In Botswana, it is possible to go on safari aboard a 4X4 vehicle, for example, to explore the flora and fauna of the country. You can also do it in a mokoro which is a traditional canoe widely used in the country if you had to take on the water.

Watch the sunsets

In Botswana, sunsets remain an indescribable phenomenon. When the safari is done at this time of the day, one feels the true beauty of the wildlife.

Contemplating the Okavango Delta during your safari in Botswana

Characterized by its vast grassy plains with multiple seasons, the okavango delta constitutes an impressive aquatic animal habitat. Visiting this area on your Botswana safari will only do you good.

Observe Botswana's varied wildlife

Botswana is characterized by its very varied fauna. There are thousands of animal species including even those that are endangered. Opt for a safari in the country will allow you to make beautiful discoveries.

Go on a safari in Botswana for its climate

Remaining sunny throughout the year with occasional cool spells, Botswana remains the perfect place to have a good time on safari.

Contemplating zebra migrations in Botswana

Botswana is one of the countries on the African continent where there are still thousands of zebras. Each year, the migration of these animals takes place in November. If you want to see the zebras, take a tour of the country during this period.