10 reasons to go skiing in Val d'Isère

A ski resort unlike any other, Val d'Isère is located in the Vanoise park in Savoie. This small mountainous village has become one of the privileged capitals of the world of skiers. The resort was created in 1930. Now considered a town, Val d'Isère receives many French people every winter. Foreign tourists who love winter sports do not miss the opportunity. Thanks to the development of mountain tourism, the resort of Val d'Isère rumbles with people in summer. What can be the 10 reasons for going skiing in Val d'Isère?

10 reasons to go skiing in Val d'Isère
10 reasons to go skiing in Val d'Isère

Snow is 100% guaranteed

For winter sports enthusiasts, the Val d'Isère resort has quality snow. This is not the case with other French and European resorts. The altitude of the ski slopes between 1800 and 3 meters ensures a long period of snow in the year. The Tignes glacier snows are accessible from Val d'Isère. They receive skiers at any time of the year. Quality snow throughout the area thanks to the diversity of the slopes. A factor that attracts amateur skiers.

The immensity of the ski area

Espace Killy is a ski area that is part of Val d'Isère. Espace Killy is among the 10 largest ski areas in Europe. With 154 pistes over a distance of 300 kilometers and 89 ski lifts. It gives you the free choice in the diversity of the landscapes. Between forest, glacier and valley, it is to your taste in variety. It is also a way of discovering the difficulties associated with each ski slope.

A ski resort reserved for all

The Killy space is suitable for all generations. Whether you are young or old, amateurs or not, this is the ideal place. It is an area with 22 green, 61 blue, 46 red and 25 black slopes. There are also two large snowparks.

Cross-country skiing friendly for novices

You are new to the sport of skiing, you have your place at the resort of Val d'Isère. With an average speed intended for beginners, you will have the pleasure of covering 44 km and 6 cross-country ski trails in the area.

Discovery of off-piste

Adventurers who love the great outdoors in nature, off-piste skiing in the Vallon d'Iseran and the Vallon de Sache should be favored. They also allow snowboarding, hiking. You get in touch with the professionals through the resort in order to guide you off the slopes. All security measures are taken accordingly. Because the risks of crevasses and avalanches are high.

A championship station

Major national or international championships often take place in the resort of Val d'Isère. The Winter Games, the World Ski Championships and other various games are held on the slopes of this resort.

Other activities apart from skiing in the resort of Val d'Isère

Many activities are practiced in the resort to meet the expectations of people who do not ski. Different activities for all tastes and adapted to each age. Sports activities such as the ice rink or the toboggan. Relaxation activities such as the pool and spa after skiing. There is an aqua-sports center, climbing and a sports hall. Experiencing unusual mountain experiences such as the ULM, the sled dog or the ice car circuit is possible.

Folklore events and entertainment

Events and activities are organized in Val d'Isère, during the day as well as in the evening. Ski championships with its disciplines are organized every year. Fair programs, sports events and festivals are planned during the day. Concert shows with various artists will enhance your evening. Other activities such as creative workshops, farm visits and Santa Claus are also planned for children.

Freedom of choice of restaurant and accommodation

A multitude of restaurants, accommodation and bars clubs or shopping exist. There is something for your tastes and desires. It is a place that offers you all the possibilities of choice knowing that it is a village. Commerce, hotels and restaurants give you the freedom to choose.

French national park

Val d'Isère is a ski resort located in the Vanoise National Park. You have the choice to discover this park which is full of exceptional landscapes. The guards of the nature reserve accompany young and old alike to discover the flora and fauna.

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