10 reasons to get into gentle gymnastics

You may never have heard of soft gym. However, you are probably aware of sports such as Stretching, Yoga, Taï Chi, Qi Gong or Pilates. Their common point? These three disciplines are in fact gentle gymnastics! Here is a few reasons to start gentle gymnastics, which will familiarize you with this sport category.

10 reasons to get into gentle gymnastics
10 reasons to get into gentle gymnastics

The possible physical activities are very varied

The term soft gym brings together very many different activities. In fact, gentle gymnastics are all sports which:

  • Are low to moderate in intensity
  • Do not violently impact joints or cardiovascular capacity

Also called "soft gym", the disciplines are varied enough that everyone can find what they are looking for. This, both in terms of pleasure and according to the desired goal.

Le Yoga will be perfect for those who are looking for flexibility. Swimming enthusiasts can try their hand at aquagym. Feel free to click on the following link to explore articles on gentle gymnastics and its various disciplines.

Soft gym is suitable for everyone

Going to gentle gymnastics is therefore possible for everyone ! It is easy to find a gentle gymnastics program that is perfect for children, seniors or even pregnant women. People with disabilities can also, with the help of a professional, find suitable physical activity.

It's easy to get into the gentle gym anywhere

Another good reason to get into gentle gymnastics: you can practice it from almost anywhere ! Of course, the preferred location varies depending on the sport you opt for. Thus, you can do a Pilates session at home, in the studio, in the gym, outdoors... Other activities are more restrictive in terms of the choice of location, such as aquagym. Nevertheless, all in all, you have many possibilities!

Besides, gentle gymnastics can generally be done without equipment (or with little equipment). This makes it easier to practice in many different places.

Sports activities perfect for beginners

Since the intensity is not too high, gentle gymnastics is perfectly suitable for beginner athletes. The exercises are often simple to understand and perform. However, the gentleness of the sessions does not detract from its effectiveness. Thus, the soft gym is accessible to all levels! To start the sport, it is therefore ideal.

You also have real room for improvement, which makes gentle gymnastics just as interesting for very athletic people.

Improve your health and well-being

Exercising regularly is good for your health. But gentle gymnastics also has the advantage of being safer than some more violent or intense sports. The risk of injury is therefore minimal. Gentle gymnastics also emphasizes well-being and health of the practitioner.

In addition to being physical, the activities associated with gentle gymnastics are known to be excellent for the mental. They are pleasant to practice, and are also excellent anti-stress. Going to the gentle gym can therefore also be for reasons of psychological well-being.

Stay active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Soft gym is a good way to stay active, in a daily life that sometimes leaves less and less room for sport. This is especially true for seniors, who tend to isolate themselves as they age. Most soft gymnastics lend themselves to group or duo lessons. The opportunity to move and be well surrounded!

Stay mobile for a long time

Gentle gymnastics has immense benefits for the mobility. Especially when many professions are conducive to harmful postures in the long term. Studies like that of Neuroscience Research have also demonstrated that activities related to soft gym are good for posture.

By having a gentle activity at moderate intensity, you work both the postural muscles and your cardiovascular system. Heart and lung performance tends to deteriorate when you sit too much or don't move enough. Balance is also negatively impacted, which can be very problematic as you get older! The Ameli site also recommends the courses of gentle gymnastics to preserve balance (source).

Strengthen your muscles by going to the gentle gym

Going to gentle gymnastics also allows you to strengthen your muscles ! And even more, to work to the deepest muscles. Pilates is particularly famous for this.

You won't get the body of a bodybuilder, but you will have more strength and your muscles will gradually become more visible. Of course, it depends on other factors. Thus, your regularity, the time you devote to your sessions and the exercises you choose will generate more or less significant muscle building. You can also target specific areas, such as the back if you suffer from back pain.

Gain flexibility

In addition to gaining strength and drawing your muscles, your muscles will also gain elasticity. This will be particularly the case in activities involving various stretches (stretching, yoga, etc.). Convenient for certain sports, the flexibility is also necessary to promote the mobility we were talking about above. By staying flexible, you will indeed be in better physical shape!

Eliminate superfluous fat

It is quite possible to burn fat with gentle gymnastics. It is not because it is not a very intense activity that you will not tap into the superfluous fat mass. By eating balanced alongside your sport, you will burn excess fat. Gentle gymnastics involves an effort that will push your body to draw on its reserves!

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