10 reasons to go to work every day!

Work takes up a third of our working life until retirement. While it takes pride of place without ever being a real pleasure for most people, there are, however, good reasons, some of which are vital, to go to work. Here are 10!

The implication

The first reason for going to work is our involvement in society. Feeling useful within an elaborate social system allows you to value yourself when you meet people.


A good job generally brings the remuneration that goes with it and allows you to live decently. Compensation can be in the form of salaries, invoicing or stock market blows such as buyout of IT assetsEg.

Social contact

Social contact is important for meeting new people and feeling fulfilled and good about yourself in everyday life.

The statute

The statute gives the barometer of the importance of a person in a company, then in everyday society afterwards. Status can change throughout a person's working life.

The structure

The structure of a work day incorporates a routine into our lives. It allows us to occupy our days and make them less boring and move forward.

Personal development

Working also allows you to evolve with yourself and to grow by asserting your personality. Personal development never stops in a person's professional life.

The health

Work allows you to stay active and thus maintain the body, in a certain way. Some jobs are more physical than others, but the simple fact of getting up in the morning and going home at night would activate certain essential cells in the human body.

The mental

Work is health ! And mental health is essential in everyone's life. So going to work is a means of psychic escape. Thriving there therefore confers greater mental health!

Le bonheur

All this put together therefore leads us to personal happiness. Going to work every day, observing a routine and socializing with colleagues allows you to increase your physical health and mental well-being, therefore to access happiness.

Life expectancy

When we are happy we tend to live longer than others. Some people fall into depression in retirement and die quickly thereafter, sometimes developing stress-related illnesses. Work therefore helps to live happily and longer.

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