10 reasons to have a solar portable battery

Portable solar batteries have seen their popularity rate increase sharply in recent years, here are 10 good reasons to buy one for your home, your travels, or your work.

Renewable energies, such as solar energy, are today at the heart of all debates and allow many people to access a healthier mode of consumption, and much less polluting for the planet. Portable solar batteries fit directly into this perspective of conversion to greener energy.

10 reasons to have a solar portable battery
10 reasons to have a solar portable battery

EcoFlow Delta Max: the queen of portable solar batteries

EcoFlow is a company of battery for solar panels, portable and large capacity. They now offer a wide range of portable electrical stations that are revolutionizing the field.

Indeed, EcoFlow develops the best portable solar batteries on the market thanks to innovative technologies and materials selected from among the best. Batteries from EcoFlow therefore offer countless possibilities to their users and meet all types of requests thanks to more or less powerful models, depending on customer expectations.

EcoFlow Delta Max

La Delta Max solar portable battery from EcoFlow has the latest technologies. On the one hand, there are 4 charging modes:

  • Solar panels
  • Outlet
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Chargeur de voiture électrique

On the other hand, it is also equipped with X-Stream technology, which allows it to be the battery that holds the fastest charge in the world. It will therefore take only 1 hour to reach 80% charge. On the power side, this battery offers 2 W in total, and 000 W thanks to the X-Boost, enough to power all your electronic devices.

Last point concerning the price of the Delta Max, it is displayed today at 1 euros on the EcoFlow site.

Portable batteries to complete your solar installation

Portable solar batteries are a perfect investment to complete your solar installation, and we explain why!

1. Store energy

On the one hand, you will be able to store the unused energy produced in your EcoFlow Delta Max battery, in order to meet the household's energy needs during the night, when the sun is no longer present.

2. Save money on electricity bills

By storing your electricity and reusing it in the evening, you will inevitably save money on your energy bills. With prices soaring these last, a few euros saved are always welcome.

3. Power the whole house

Thanks to the EcoFlow Delta Max and its 2 W power, which reaches 400 W with the X-Boost, you will be able to power most of your household appliances such as a fridge, freezer or even a dishwasher.

4. Convert to renewable energies

This is one of the most cited reasons for portable solar batteries. In a world where fossil fuels pollute enormously, these batteries are revolutionizing our way of consuming by using the sun's rays, which for their part are 100% natural and above all, inexhaustible. Portable solar batteries are therefore perfect for replacing oil-fired generators, which in addition to polluting at the highest point, are very very noisy.

Wild camping and road tripping with the EcoFlow Delta Max

Solar batteries like the EcoFlow Delta Max are also real essential accessories for wild camping or a road trip in the middle of nature!

5. Charge your battery in the car

First thing, if your battery is equipped with a cigarette lighter socket charging mode, like the EcoFlow Delta Max, you will be able to charge it throughout your journey thanks to your vehicle. Thus, it will be easy to have electricity in the evening if you have to travel a long way during the day.

6. Never run out of power

Thanks to solar panels and charging via your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, you'll never run out of power. You will therefore be able to charge your phones, computers, tablets, even in the middle of nature. But you can also power a lot of other electrical devices without worrying about access to a standard power outlet!

7. Stay connected anywhere, anytime

Many people today are very active on social networks, others also need to stay permanently connected for their work. Thanks to portable solar batteries, you can even telecommute in the depths of a forest in the middle of the mountains. Blogging and photography enthusiasts will also be thrilled with this continuous access to electricity.

8. Eat well in nature

When wild camping, in a camper van or in a van, the use of an electric griddle or hotplates often requires electricity. Portable solar batteries will allow you to prepare the best meals for you and your family. For example, the EcoFlow Delta Max can power a portable fridge, and provide enough energy for an electric barbecue.

A portable solar battery for professionals

In addition to their interest for travel and solar installations, portable solar batteries are also widely used in certain professional fields.

9. Supply your workshop

This is another good reason to buy a solar battery such as the EcoFlow Delta Max if you are a workshop owner. Many DIYers, professional or otherwise, use battery power to power devices like:

  • drills
  • saws
  • A hedge trimmer
  • A lawn mower
  • A sander
  • Etc ...

In addition to powering the devices, the portable solar battery can also operate the lighting in your workshop.

10. Make wilderness documentaries

As for wild camping or road trips, portable solar batteries can also be of great use for people who make images and videos in the great outdoors. Indeed, they will be able to recharge the batteries of their cameras, but also those of drones or cameras. Finally, we also observe professionals who do not hesitate to associate one or more solar panels with their EcoFlow Delta Max to charge it even more naturally.

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