10 reasons to hire a scrap dealer

Above all, the scrap metal worker is an expert in the handling of iron. It is therefore able to perform various activities related to this material.

10 reasons to hire a scrap dealer
10 reasons to hire a scrap dealer

Discover here 10 reasons to call on a scrap dealer!

The scrapper has many skills

It is largely thanks to scrap dealers that it is possible today to live and evolve in large iron structures. These iron-handling specialists have made habitats more secure, but also more aesthetic. All this is possible thanks to the many skills of the scrap metal worker, including his knowledge of metal joining, masonry and welding.

The scrap metal worker makes metal reinforcements

All buildings now have metal frames. These are made by scrap metal workers. Metal frames guarantee the safety of your homes.

The scrap metal worker makes formwork

The formwork is used to receive the reinforced concrete. Their design must therefore be well done. The scrap dealer is in this sense the ideal professional for this work.

The scrap dealer offers tailor-made services

The scrap metal workers can also carry out custom fabrications thanks to their know-how. In some cases, it is the ideal service for the construction of a building.

The scrap dealer buys iron and other metals

Scrap dealers buy and collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It works with approved recycling centers to transform and recycle metals. His company has the necessary equipment to collect and transport metal waste.

The scrapper removes and dismantles the wrecks

You can still call on a scrap dealer for the removal of wrecked cars. He is able to handle the towing of end-of-life vehicles and their dismantling.

The scrap metal worker is a specialized graduate

To become a professional scrap metal worker, it is necessary to follow a better training in order to have the know-how. To excel in this profession, he must hold a CAP specialized in reinforcement, formwork or reinforced concrete. In addition, he has certain qualities: rigor, meticulousness, ability to work in extreme environments.

The scrap dealer recovers several types of waste on the sites

This scrap metal expert is interested in various kinds of materials. These include aluminium, bismuth, bronze, cadmium, chromium, copper, tin, lead, titanium, iron (ferro-alloys), stainless steel and zinc. In order to ensure the recovery of these ferrous and non-ferrous metals, this professional will go to the site to assess their weight and their nature.

The scrap dealer operates in different places

Regardless of the type of your activity, the professional scrap metal dealer puts his expertise and knowledge at your service for the management of your ferrous waste. He may indeed be called upon to intervene in various fields and in different places. You can request its intervention within your factory, on a building construction or demolition site and in a sorting center or in a waste collection centre.

The scrap dealer offers a scrap metal removal service

After a demolition, renovation or house construction site, the metal waste must be removed. The scrap metal worker is the perfect professional for this job. It will take care of the management of metal waste by buying it, recovering it and recycling it. This specialist in the removal of scrap metal is involved in all stages of cleaning the site.

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