10 reasons to learn English in Paris

Would you like to learn English in Paris? This is a very good idea! Whether you want to start learning the basics of English, or to improve your knowledge of the language, you will find many addresses in Paris that will allow you to progress quickly. What are these addresses, and what are the advantages of learning English in Paris? We immediately present to you 10 reasons that should make you want to learn English in Paris!

Uncle Sam invites you to learn English
Uncle Sam invites you to learn English

Paris, a multicultural city

The first advantage of Paris for learning English is linked to the fact that being a capital, its population is multicultural. As a result, you will have a better chance of meeting English speaking foreign tourists in Paris, and will even be able to participate in many events available in English. Mix with various Parisian communities, and meet people in English!

Private English lessons available everywhere

In addition to the physical classes that can be found in Paris, you can also turn to private English lessons, available from your home. Different platforms offer you such courses, the goal of which is to allow you to exchange with a qualified teacher, who can offer you lessons adapted to your level, in order to help you achieve your learning objective.

The main advantage of these courses is that you can take them at home at any time, whether you live in Paris or in the countryside, and even while on vacation. If you like this principle and learning languages ​​online, you can also discover applications such as Busuu, Babbel or even Duolingo .

Many training courses available in Paris

You ask yourself where to learn English in Paris ? Regarding the capital of France, you will find many English courses in Paris, in the most prestigious schools in the country.

First of all, you can choose to learn English at university, choosing the course of your choice. You can also take English lessons at thelanguage school Paris Operas Saint-Lazare, or by going to English First training center, which offers you the opportunity to learn English at your own pace and according to your level, among other good addresses.

Large movie theaters to improve your English

What's better than learning while having fun? Are you interested? In this case, go to the cinema, to discover the latest releases of the moment in original version, and soak up English while enjoying the play of your favorite actors. Paris has many cinemas, in which you can find films showing as well as auteur films, perfect for getting to grips with English.

Bilingual schools for the youngest

Would you like your children to be able to become bilingual in English from an early age? In this case, you will find again many schools in Paris, offering the teaching of English to the youngest, up to the upper levels. Your children will be able to take lessons from primary to secondary to British School of Paris, which follows the UK model for pupil instruction, or you can choose theAmerican School of Paris if you want your children to follow an American style education.

Free options, from home

In addition to schools and other paid options available in Paris to learn English, there are many free options available to everyone from home! How about learning English on the internet, watching videos YouTube ? You can also enjoy watching your favorite series on Netflix, still in English, and even listen to podcasts in English, to work your ear.

English bookstores in Paris

To read in English, Paris awaits you in its most beautiful bookshops. You can find the English bookstore Galignani, which you will find at 224 Rue de Rivoli, The Abbey Bookshop at 29 rue de la Parcheminerie, or the English bookstore Taschen at 2 rue de Buci, the ideal address if you like reading and books on the subject of art.

Parisian bars and cafes to improve your English

Don't stop there! After the English bookstores in Paris, it is Parisian cafes and bars, always on the theme of England, which welcome you for moments of sharing and practice of the language. You can head to the Baker Street Pub and join the Blind Test evenings in English, or experience The Highlander Scottish Pub, if you like whiskey and Scottish culture. Good evenings in perspective, rocked to the sound of English!

Proximity to England

Paris has different airports with destinations all over the world, including many English speaking countries. You can also choose to borrow Eurostar to get to England in just over two hours. It is ideal for immersing yourself in the culture of the country, and improving your knowledge of the language in complete immersion!

The ideal place to bring your foreign correspondents!

Who does not dream of discovering Paris! The capital of France could be the ideal destination to invite your correspondents to discover your country. Living in Paris could also allow you to find a English correspondent quickly, with which you can communicate at any time in English, for an accelerated learning.

So what are you waiting for to start learning English in Paris?

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