10 reasons to learn cybersecurity

A career in cybersecurity offers many benefits. Discover 10 good reasons to take training to practice one of the professions in this flourishing field...

Faced with the massive increase in cyberattacks all over the world, companies are looking for experts who can protect them. Nevertheless, cybersecurity is a demanding field and the number of professionals is largely insufficient to meet these needs.

Therefore, for several years now, the number of job vacancies in this sector has been growing explosively. Discover 10 good reasons to start a career in cybersecurity.

10 reasons to learn cybersecurity
10 reasons to learn cybersecurity

A very good salary

Faced with the onslaught of hackers, companies are ready to pay dearly to recruit experts capable of protecting their systems. The salaries offered for cybersecurity positions are therefore highly attractive.

In recent years, professionals in this sector have enjoyed massive increases in their compensation. And this increase is expected to continue in the future, as the shortage of specialists continues to worsen…

In the United States, an average cyber expert earns between $42 and $000 per year. In France, a SOC analyst earns around 78 euros per year according to Talent.com. Of course, experienced profiles greatly exceed this average.

This is one of the few fields where salary is based on merit and not on age, gender or origins. So, follow cybersecurity training to increase his salary is a great idea.

Travel around the world

If you dream of traveling the world through your job, cybersecurity is an ideal career choice. No country is immune to the scourge of cybercrime, and your expertise will be warmly welcomed around the globe.

The number of cyberattacks far exceeds the number of working professionals. You can therefore travel anywhere to offer your services, and leave for other places whenever you want. Embrace the digital nomad life!

A booming industry

Cybercrime is the counterpart of the digital revolution. As we continue to use the internet and new technologies, cyberattacks will continue to intensify.

Thus, the cybersecurity industry is not about to stop its growth. Starting a career in this field provides long-term job security.

A profession beneficial to society

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your job is useless? Or even worse: that your work has a negative impact on the environment or society?

Working in cybersecurity allows us to work for the common good, because cyberattacks can compromise everyone's privacy and integrity.

Every day, millions of innocent people are trapped by emails from Phishing. Even hospitals are victims of ransomware that paralyzes them for several hours. By starting a career in cyber, you will have the opportunity to protect the world from this modern day scourge.

No math needed

Most high-paying jobs require math expertise. This is a major obstacle for the many people who hate this discipline.

However, cybersecurity does not require math. Professionals need to be proficient in computer programming and networking, but do not need to manipulate numbers.

Job offers as if it were raining

Internet usage has increased dramatically over the past decade. We now use this technology on a daily basis, both for shopping and ordering food.

The other side of the coin: cyberattacks are now a major threat. This is why cybersecurity is essential today for companies in all sectors.

The demand is increasing day by day, and Burning Glass reveals that the rate of appearance of new job offers is too times higher than other branches of IT.

Globally, several million vacancies do not even have a candidate. By following a training course, you can therefore choose from countless job offers.

No age to get started

It's never too late to start a career in cybersecurity.
It's never too late to start a career in cybersecurity.

It's never too late to start a career in cybersecurity. Around the world, many people have chosen this path when they were already over 50 years old.

If you've worked in IT before, this is a great way to retrain. Given the high demand, employers will not hesitate to recruit an expert because of their age or gender. There is no discrimination in this sector.

Unlimited growth potential

The learning of a cybersecurity expert does not stop after his training. For good reason, the techniques of hackers and criminals are evolving day by day.

New malware is continually appearing, vulnerabilities are emerging on a daily basis. In order to counter these threats, the professional must therefore continue to study and conduct research throughout his career.

Choose your company and industry

Unlike most professionals, a cybersecurity expert is not limited to a single industry. IT and digital technology are now used in all sectors, particularly following the rise of Big Data, Cloud Computing or the Internet of Things.

However, this digital revolution also entails risks of cyberattacks. By choosing this career, you can therefore work in a hospital or a school as well as for a Silicon Valley giant or even a military secret agency.

A daily life without any boredom

If you hate routine and boredom, cybersecurity is a great career choice. In this field, the future is unpredictable and you will very often have to face new challenges.

Cybercriminals will continue to invent new techniques and dreadful malware, and you'll need to be creative to thwart their plans. Cyber ​​jobs are far from monotonous, and you will always have something to do.

You now know 10 great reasons to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Don't waste a moment, and start training now to take advantage of many opportunities!