10 reasons to master persuasion

Persuasion consists of conveying an idea, an opinion without the use of force or any threat, blackmail or dilemma. Without realizing it, we frequently use persuasion to achieve our ends.

Alexy Mouly, the famous co-founder of The Closer School shares with us the 10 reasons, which, according to him, make that everyone must master persuasion!

Today, he is the co-founder of The Closer School. A company generating several hundred thousand euros in turnover per month.

At the age of 14, Alexy went to the USA to train in sales as well as the art of influence and manipulation. 5 years later, it supports dozens of companies, it will have generated more than 15 million euros!

The Closer School (TCS): first and foremost assesses the needs of the companies they support in order to place salespeople there who will be trained by Alexy himself.

Basically, persuasion is part of their daily life but also part of ours, much more than one might think.

so here's 10 reasons to master persuasion.

The reference book for persuasion.


Psychology is the basis of human society. The person capable of knowing and controlling the reactions of others, even anticipating them, will have a great advantage! Persuasion, learning to play with the human mind, develops this aspect!

Controlling conflicts

When we think of persuasion, we immediately think of the pejorative words that are: manipulation, negotiation or even blackmail. However, persuasion is very helpful in dealing with conflict. Someone mastering the techniques of persuasion, will know how to convey his ideas by being calm!

Negotiate your salary

Essential point in everyone's life: salary. If you are good at persuasion, you will know how to successfully negotiate your salary upwards with your boss!

Negotiating your property

When you buy a property, negotiation is an important moment to succeed in lowering the price of the property as much as possible. So you have to stay calm, not get angry and use the right deads at the right time! Hence the usefulness of knowing how to control persuasion.

Doing good business

Buying expensive and occasional items like a car often also requires some negotiation. Here too, mastering the fundamentals of persuasion will help you do good business!

Develop your weapon of seduction

As surprising as it is, knowing how to persuade allows you to seduce your soul mate with tenderness and gentleness!

Stand out from the crowd

In connection with the previous point, knowing how to communicate and convey your ideas and feelings without seeming to force the person, is an element that differentiates you in society!

To learn new skills

It stands to reason, persuasion is a skill to be mastered. If you want to have multiple strings to your bow, learn and master this new skill that will come in handy in everyday life.

To learn a new profession

In 2021, a new profession is more and more fashionable and sought after by companies, it is about closing. Closing is the act of selling products or services for a company. If you want to be closer, then you will have to master persuasion better than everyone else!

To be placed in a company by TCS

Finally, the last good reason to control persuasion is that TCS, Alexy Mouly's company is recruiting at the moment, 5 closer per week! So if you want to try the adventure, book your call with one of the experts from Alexy's team to see if you can join the team.

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