The 10 reasons to opt for a customizable photo calendar!

Unique, elegant and above all useful, the customizable photo calendar is one of the essentials of the moment. So if you still hesitate to opt for this little DIY touch, here are 10 good reasons to convince you!

The 10 reasons to opt for a customizable photo calendar!
The 10 reasons to opt for a customizable photo calendar!

So as not to forget anything!

One of the big assets of customizable photo calendar, that it gathers all the important dates in one place! You can therefore perfectly opt for the annual calendar with a customizable grid that allows you to add handwritten notes or a photo so as not to forget anything about birthdays or important events of the year!

For a decorative touch

But the photo calendar can also be transformed into a decorative object in its own right! In A4 format on the wall, you add the most striking photos of the year to be able to admire them at any time. In addition, the quality of its finishes sublimates the whole with hot stamping, a bronze spiral binding and high-end digital printing. In short, you save executives by betting on a original and particularly elegant album.

To accompany you at work

The customizable photo calendar also accompanies you at work! Here, you combine the useful with the pleasant since it turns into an easel to sit quietly on your desk. Between two phone calls and emails to prepare, this allows you to visualize your week by plunging into happy memories that will brighten your day.

To share memories

In all sizes and in all formats, the customizable photo calendar can also be used to share memories! Hanging on the living room wall or in the kitchen, it automatically catches the eye and allows you to discuss happy moments shared together. Synonymous with conviviality and exchange, it contains precious moments that we appreciate to rediscover with friends or family.

For a touch of creativity

With the customizable photo calendar, you can now say goodbye to little cats and rabbits! From now on, it is you who choose the photos that will accompany your seasons. With directly online software, you just need to drag your shots inside to choose exactly the location that suits you. In addition, you should know that a whole team of expert designers systematically checks the quality of your photographs for an impeccable and very elegant final rendering!

To offer

As the holiday season approaches, the customizable photo calendar will be the perfect gift to give. A birth, a wedding, a baptism… So many happy events that your loved ones will appreciate to discover or rediscover over the months!

For the whole family

So that the whole family can anticipate upcoming events, the customizable photo calendar will be perfect! By opting for the grid format, it is you who write down the school holidays, activities or important dates to remember. At a glance, anyone can refer to it, especially if you decide to install it in a prominent place indoors.

For all budgets

Both elegant and unique, the customizable photo calendar remains accessible to all budgets! With a simple click, you choose the number of photos to insert by varying the price according to your requirements. You can therefore bet on a top-of-the-range or accessible model according to your needs and desires.

For a personal touch

For a personal touch that follows you everywhere, the customizable desktop calendar is ideal! On a daily basis, you can offer yourself a happy moment of parenthesis to escape for a few minutes. In addition, you bring all these precious memories to work to share with your colleagues for a moment of conviviality. As for the interior calendar, it is you who decline its style to infinity by choosing between different templates to mark your style!

Because it's easy !

But above all, the customizable calendar is created in just a few clicks! In less than 10 minutes, you drag all your shots thanks to an intuitive software which will then take care of offering you a first visual rendering. In addition, a whole team of expert designers will check your work to correct digital printing or your written texts. In short, all you have to do is fall for this new essential trend!