10 reasons to practice meditation

Everything seems to be designed to prevent us from relaxing or even meditating due to stress, anxiety and work pressure. Psychological and temporal dispositions do not exist, and relaxation is made impossible by other considerations.

Here are 10 reasons to meditate: It's not easy to find time for yourself. Subway, work and sleep are all too busy for you to meditate. This time is crucial and allows spiritual as well as temporal reconnection. It also allows you to have clear and organized thoughts about upcoming projects.

10 reasons to practice meditation
10 reasons to practice meditation

Meditation is a useful tool:

Not to fall

According to the medical journal The Lancet, published in 2015, mindfulness meditation is important for preventing relapses of depression. This meditation is an excellent complement to antidepressants.

A test of 91 women with fibromyalgia revealed a significant decrease in depressive symptoms.

Be fully aware of yourself

We no longer have the luxury of being disconnected. We are constantly stimulated by our smartphones, whether we are on a train or on a break. Meditation is a great way to reconnect with ourselves and the environment around us.

To be happy

“Reports”, through its scientific journal, claims that meditation can be an excellent ally and significantly increase the volume of gray matter in the brain and the feeling of happiness.

To reduce stress

Meditation has the positive effect of reducing stress and anxiety. This relief applies to both healthy and chronically ill people.

To fight against insomnia

You can improve the quality of your sleep by practicing mindfulness meditation techniques, especially if you suffer from anxiety or stress.

To prevent migraines and headaches

It was published in the medical journal Headache a research on meditation and how it could relieve migraines. For 8 weeks, the test was conducted on 19 subjects suffering from migraines and chronic headaches. The mindfulness meditation method has been shown to be particularly effective in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines.

To control his emotions

The benefits of meditation are constantly being discovered by research! Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California, conducted an experiment called “The startle” which found that people more affected by negative emotions startle more often.

Professor Ekman then installed sensors and electrodes to make Mathieu Ricard hear a loud sound, similar to that of a firecracker. The monk did nothing, and claimed to have heard no noise. Quality meditation can lead to great serenity!

To reduce tension

Meditation can help us relax into a perfect state. Once in this state, the tension decreases and the blood vessels dilate. This would be beneficial for better blood circulation.

To avoid burnout

Professional exhaustion, also called Burnout, is the result of too much stress in the workplace. It is not the same as depression. Meditation can help relieve the symptoms of burnout.

Meditation is free!

Meditation is free, unlike other practices. You just have to manage your time to practice it well.

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