10 reasons to practice Yoga

Yoga has many health benefits recognized by medicine that have gained millions of followers around the world. In addition, it is a physical activity which is accessible to all and which is intended to be devoid of any judgment. The practice of this discipline has surprising positive consequences on the morale as on the body, which it is essential to know at least once in your life before missing out on this wonderful experience. Now let's see what are the ten good reasons to practice yoga.

10 reasons to practice Yoga
10 reasons to practice Yoga

For all ages

Yoga is a discipline that anyone can easily indulge in, regardless of age, height or even weight. Indeed, it consists of series of movements which adapt to the body and which are available in several postures adapted to all levels of flexibility. Thus, the novices can find themselves in the same room as other more experienced practitioners and that, without feeling a feeling of inferiority compared to the rest of the group.

Gently tone the body

The dynamics of yoga, whatever its type, offers different sequences of postures, slow and repetitive, which solicit the muscles in depth, but without brutal effort. In addition, thanks to a sheathing work synchronized with long exhalations and inspirations, the body temperature increases and promotes the elimination of toxins through perspiration. Each person can then strengthen their muscles and tone their body gradually, while avoiding the risk of injury.

Relieve tension and stress

Among the benefits of yoga, the feeling of serenity is one of the qualities most appreciated by the followers. Indeed, the silence and the serene space in which the sessions are exercised, are conducive to decompression and appeasement. The slowness of movement also helps the mind to find itself in perfect harmony with the body, unlike the intense rhythm of everyday life, especially in urban areas. Finally, long and strong breathing allows you to accentuate stretching and oxygenate the brain, while relieving tension and stress.

Improve concentration

The release of muscle knots and negative emotions, which is felt during a yoga session, frees the mind which can then concentrate on the essentials. Indeed, most movements can only be done by maintaining a balance, which requires concentration on your physical sensations and on your inner life. This anchoring in the present moment is an excellent exercise to learn how to reach a goal and that, without dispersing towards useless thoughts.


Few physical activities allow refocusing as can meditation for example. However, the principle of yoga is precisely based on the circulation of the respiratory flow, which contributes to the release of tensions. In addition, this allows a better focus on the coming and going of the breath in the body, which also promotes self-awareness. Thus, each person can benefit from a moment which belongs only to him and which favors listening to his own emotions.

Soften and protect the joints

Thanks to yoga, even practitioners who feel physically knotted and stiff, can relax their body without difficulty. In addition, as the postures do not stress the joints, they do not cause any trauma, unlike running or weightlifting for example. The reinforcement of the muscles is, for its part, the result of a work of sheathing and not of swelling of the fiber, which avoids any risk of inflammation. Finally, the stretches are done gradually thanks to the inspirations and expirations, which allow the oxygenation of the cells and the circulation of the blood. Therefore, at the end of each session, the body becomes more flexible and more flexible.

Good sleep and energy boost

The practice of yoga has many benefits on health in general, because the sequences of movements are accompanied by intense and deep breathing, which will allow the heart to rest and thus, the tension to drop. In addition, this process promotes the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone and decreases adrenaline, which stimulates nervousness. Thus, the nights become more recuperative and at the same time allow a real boost of energy to start the day.

Treats back pain

Chronic back pain, due to the adoption of bad postures on a daily basis, is one of the ailments from which a large majority of the population suffers. However, certain types of yoga are specifically dedicated to massaging the body and more particularly the spine. Indeed, many movements stretch the back muscles and even cause crunches, because they straighten the vertebrae that have collapsed. This benefit is also reinforced by the work of the abdominal belt, which gradually straightens the spine, thus allowing good back alignment and better balance.

Lose weight gently

Many people go to exercise to lose weight, but most of them quickly get discouraged because the intense effort that has required them is too difficult. Yet yoga has the advantage of promoting the evacuation of toxins by series of slow movements which, because they cause deep breathing, relax the body and mind simultaneously. Thus, instead of suffering from the arduousness of a sporting activity, the series of postures make it possible to eliminate overweight, gently and without suffering.

General well-being

The discipline of yoga is not only physical effort, but also mental work. Indeed beyond its benefits on health, this practice guarantees a spiritual balance, in particular thanks to the fullness which emanates from the relaxation and the refocusing of the spirit. In addition, the rapid increase in flexibility of the whole body is a performance that also has positive consequences on self-esteem. Finally, in general, the benefits that are felt on a daily basis bring real well-being, which greatly improves the quality of life day after day.

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