10 reasons to prepare well for the SESAME and ACCES competitions

The SESAME and ACCES associations were founded in 1998 with the aim of pooling the organization of competitions giving access to 17 schools in total. Even if the conditions of participation are flexible, success in these competitions is not a guarantee, even less when no preparation is made upstream.

10 reasons to prepare well for the SESAME and ACCES competitions
10 reasons to prepare well for the SESAME and ACCES competitions

Here are 10 reasons why you must prepare well for the SESAME and ACCES competitions.

Prepare to be one of the lucky ones

It is obvious that you are going to contest in order to succeed. However, to triumph in the various trials of these competitions, it is not enough to be average, but to be among the best. Therefore, carry out your access-Sesame preparation will greatly increase your chances of success.

To avoid being surprised

Good preparation for the SESAME and ACCES competitions will allow you to cover many concepts before the test phases. So, no matter what test you are presented with, you will be able to deal with it. On the other hand, the competitions being selective, if you rush your preparation, expect to be unpleasantly surprised.

To seize a golden opportunity

You will only be able to take the ACCESS exam three times at most. the number of attempts at the SESAME contest varies according to the schools, but does not exceed 3. Note that some schools will only grant you one. Suffice to say that it is in your interest to make your first attempt a master stroke.

Avoid wasting money

The registration fees for the SESAME competition amount to €295. Those of the ACCES competition are €190. Other costs may be added to these registration fees in some schools. In addition to this, you will need to budget for the purchase of annals, the preparation course, etc. A failure makes all these expenses futile.

Be able to join the best business schools in France

The SESAME competition gives you the opportunity to integrate fourteen of the best schools commercial French. As for the ACCES competition, it will give you access to three of the best schools in the same category.

To enter the school of your choice

By combining the two competitions, 17 school choices will be available to you. Thus, to have the freedom to choose, you will have to prepare very well, because the integration criteria vary from one school to another. Some conditions are tougher than others.

Take a professional course

The business schools that you will be able to attend offer a training very focused on the professional world. You will therefore benefit from quality support in order to take your first steps as an employee (or entrepreneur).

To facilitate their integration into the professional world

By integrating these schools by competition, you will have a special status. Among other things, you will be able to start work placements. This will greatly facilitate your insertion.

Facilitate the pursuit of university studies

After the baccalaureate, it is not really easy to orient yourself. Succeed in a SESAME or ACCES competition makes your course easier and saves you all the hassle associated with it.

To have an international base

Aware of the importance of the English language, the different schools you attend offer you very elaborate courses to make it easier for you to understand. These will allow you to handle the language of Shakespeare with ease. In addition, you will have the opportunity to do internships abroad and can even do a gap year.

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