10 reasons to put a designer mirror to decorate your apartment

More than an ornament, the mirror is an accessory that has become essential in terms of art to give character to a room. Formerly used for religious or traditional purposes, it now takes on a more pronounced character in decorative art. Here is something to encourage you to have a designer mirror at home.

10 reasons to put a designer mirror to decorate your apartment
10 reasons to put a designer mirror to decorate your apartment

A more interesting relief

When you have a small room apartment, the ideal would be to install a mirror to give the illusion that the space is larger. Placed at the back of your room, it will visually enlarge your interior. This impression will be much more reinforced with good lighting.

Pictures worth posting

It would be hard to say no to a stylish photo when you have a designer mirror worthy of the name at home. With a life-size vintage mirror, in the brightest room of your apartment, you will be all the rage. Be careful not to create a trend with your friends. They might squat in your home just for quality Instagram content creations with your designer mirror.

A brighter interior

A mirror placed in the right place and at the right angle creates a space that attracts light. In a room that lacks it, it's a must-have that makes all the difference. The best place to take full advantage of it would be facing a window.

The illusion of a bigger space

To give your living space a sense of grandeur, there's nothing like turning the tide like a mirror. Installed in the living room, your accessory chosen in a purely industrial style will create an effect of grandeur.

A safe item to touch up

It's not always easy to check if your outfit is crooked or your makeup is overflowing when you leave your apartment. A quick glance in your wood-framed mirror will save you from this little inconvenience.

Indispensable for a Feng shui atmosphere

Mirrors of different sizes placed close together on a wall in your apartment create a very artistic effect. They also accentuate the entry of "chi" into you.

You will feel less cramped

If you are the type to pile up your things without wanting to throw away unnecessary items, you will certainly feel like you are running out of space. A rectangular mirror on a cluttered section of the wall would greatly lighten your frame.

For a unique and minimalist decoration

If you have opted for a minimalist but original interior decoration, a loft mirror would be a good choice. You save space but your frame is still beautiful.

Your Secret Vault

A mirror has never served better than when it camouflages a safe. In the eyes and in view of all, it will only be a decorative object but thanks to your designer accessory, your goods will be safe.

Useful as visual scale

A mirror at home may well be a decorative object, but it is also very useful for monitoring your body and your sporting development. Indeed, the scale is not the only indicator of weight gain or loss. A kilo taken in the thighs or at the level of the abdomen will quickly be seen in the mirror. Similarly, if you want to check that you are performing a movement correctly, a look in the mirror will allow you to assess yourself.

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