10 reasons to replace your old appliance

Too often broken down, less efficient than before or simply unsuited to your new lifestyle: your household appliances are no longer really up to date? It is high time to replace them. A change that is well worth the investment, because recent models multiply the advantages. Focus on the 10 best reasons to adopt them.

Limit energy consumption

Today's household appliances always want to consume less energy: a real "plus" for the planet at a time of ecological emergency! Mandatory on all products, the energy label allows you to make the best choice by easily identifying the options that consume the least electricity. These are rated A, with the most power-hungry devices placed in categories D to G.

Reduce your electricity bills

By reducing energy consumption, replacing your fridge or washing machine also has the effect of reducing electricity bills. A significant advantage for the most modest households or simply for homes that multiply household appliances!

Enjoy better technical performance

The most recent household appliances offer superior performance to older ones not only because their components are brand new, but also because they benefit from advanced technologies:

  • ultra-reactive induction hobs for precise cooking;
  • heat pump dryer, combining ecology and efficiency;
  • “no frost” refrigerators…

Respond to household needs

Marriages, births, roommates, separations…: over the years, the needs of your home can change significantly. Replacing your small fridge with a more family-friendly model or your mini-oven with a real cooker (or vice versa!) can then be essential.

Optimize space

Modern household appliances compete in creativity to slip into all spaces, even the most restricted, by relying on the most varied formats or on built-in or even stackable models. He also happily plays on the multifunctional side, especially in the oven or robot department. Even if you live in a studio, you can afford a (removable!) multi-cooker without the hassle!

Make life easier

Today's household appliances multiply the options to make your daily life as simple as possible: autonomous vacuum cleaners that return to their charging station on their own, ovens that calculate the quantities of ingredients in a few seconds according to the guests of the day, robots that replace you from A to Z or almost, from peeling the vegetables to adjusting the cooking...

(Re)discover ergonomics

Digital screens, indicator lights, non-slip handles with studied curves...: in the catalogs of major household appliance brands, such as Honey, ergonomics are improving from generation to generation on all devices. A joy if you are still only familiar with old-fashioned household appliances, with their mechanical buttons and sometimes rudimentary settings.

Treat yourself to a touch of design

Tired of pure white and classic lines? A decorative element in its own right, contemporary household appliances combine modern colors (black, silver, bright red) and sharp angles or very trendy retro shades (pink or cream pastel blue, etc.) and soft lines to reinforce the style. of your parts. Decoration fans always appreciate it!

Open up to home automation

crazy about high-tech, smart refrigerators, ovens or washing machines should interest you! Simple gadgets for some, real innovations for others, they essentially allow you to launch programs remotely. But the most daring ones always go further, like this fridge that helps you fill your shopping cart by filming its contents while you do your shopping...

To please yourself !

Brand new hobs, a stylish fridge, a washing machine stuffed with unknown options...: there's nothing like novelty to reconnect with the home cooking or to find a smile even in front of the pile of laundry for the week!

If your appliance no longer gives you complete satisfaction, there is really no reason not to replace it! Even the planet will thank you...