10 reasons to send naughty photos on Snapchat or Instagram to your spouse

Are you tempted to send sensual photos to your partner? This kind of initiative is made simple thanks to social networks, in particular SnapChat and Instagram. This is one way to keep yourself busy in your relationship.

10 reasons to send naughty photos on Snapchat or Instagram to your spouse
10 reasons to send naughty photos on Snapchat or Instagram to your spouse

We have mentioned 10 reasons to send naughty photos on the two aforementioned channels. Focus!

To be desired

Un naughty snap can be one of the best ways to make your spouse want you. Just insert it into your conversations, without telling it. This surprise effect will obviously make him salivate and he will feel lucky to have you as his spouse. You can accompany naughty images with love messages for more effects.

To avoid photo leaks

The Snapchat app has a good reputation for sending sexy photos. In fact, it is possible to send ephemeral photos to someone without fear of seeing them everywhere. It's a way to please your boyfriend if your trust threshold is still low.

To excite her spouse

Arousal is a long process that must be done carefully to achieve the desired goal. So, you can use sensual photos via Instagram and Snapchat to gradually excite your partner. He will be delighted to receive images of you in the positions he likes the most.

To spice up the chat

It's not uncommon to have bland chats with your spouse. As soon as this arises, consider spicing up your exchanges by slipping in some sexy photos of yourself.

To build trust

Trust is a rare commodity in most romantic relationships. You can then reinforce yours with naughty photos. In fact, sending racy images over the Internet is not without risk. It is therefore, by far, the best proof of trust.

A way to be forgiven

Have you made a mistake in your marriage? You can make amends with naughty images, by attaching them to your apology message. This is one of the best ways to resolve relationship issues.

To break the routine

Another reason to send naughty photos to your spouse is to break the routine. It's a new way to experience your romantic relationship. In fact, routine is one of the causes of cheating in couples. So you can avoid a breakup by sending lots of naughty snaps.

To receive more attention

If you notice a lack of attention from your spouse, do not hesitate to send him naughty photos. Your partner will not remain insensitive to your gesture. He will shower you with compliments and sweet words.

A way to prove your love to her

Proofs of love number in the hundreds and among them is the sending of sensual images via Snapchat and Instagram. Your man will feel more loved seeing them. You can wear the outfits he likes the most to make your sexy photos.

To ask for sex

It is also possible to use naughty photos via Snapchat and Instagram to request sex. With this option, you express your desire without going through four paths. Namely that the majority of men like enterprising women when it comes to sex. You will therefore earn a few points in the heart of your spouse.