10 reasons to send your child to summer camp

Should you send your child to summer camp? Yes, if you want him to have fun, to exercise, to do many activities, to socialize, to discover a passion for a sport, to develop his talents arts, make friends and develop their language skills. These are all the objectives of a summer camp. Still not convinced? So, in the rest of this article, discover 10 reasons to send your child to summer camp!

What is a summer camp?

By its nature, the summer camp can be the best experience for your children, it is an activity that they live intensely and which can bring them a lot of knowledge and experience that they find it difficult to obtain with other activities in daily life. There are many reasons to participate in this type of growing experience.

To United States, the summer camp is a real tradition. It is also there that the concept was born, which is very similar to a summer camp that takes place in the countryside or in the forest. It is an experience that allows children to live in the heart of nature and practice many outdoor activities. For young French people, the summer camp is an interesting linguistic and cultural opportunity. This language stay allows them to learn a new language while having fun and making new friends.

Why send your child to summer camp?

There are 10 main reasons to offer this experience to your child.

It is fun

A summer camp is fun, as long as you choose the activities that your child likes. Indeed, it is very important when choosing a camp that children enjoy and feel comfortable. Consult the activity program in detail and make sure that the activities offered are in the interest of your child. There are language camps, multiadventure, art, sport, technology, science… The range of options is enormous.

It's to make friends

Your child will make new friends with whom he will live the same experience. In a short time, the children manage to forge very strong friendships during a summer camp. These bonds can last a lifetime!

It's framed

Children learn basic rules of common life such as respect for peers, facilities, monitors, nature, these are values ​​that are difficult to teach in everyday life at home. They learn to work in a team, solidarity, self-esteem, independence or healthy competitiveness.

It's perfect for learning

Whatever the theme of the camp, your child will learn a lot by doing games, workshops, crafts.

It's full of activities

Your child will do activities that they normally cannot do at school or at home, such as multi-adventure or water activities.

It is ideal for becoming independent

Naturally, children learn to adapt to a new environment by facing situations outside their family environment, promoting personal autonomy always under the supervision of monitors.

Good for balancing work and family life

The camp is the perfect gift to reward the school effort that the child has made throughout the year.

It is perfect for the child's personal development

They acquire maturity, accept the established rules as well as in the conduct of each activity.

It is an experience that teaches us to live together

Your little one will live for several days with children of similar ages carrying out daily hygiene and potty routines.

This is the most effective way to learn a foreign language

The summer camp is above all a language stay, so it is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn English. This will be a real asset for his academic and professional success.

Patrice Groult
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