10 reasons to set up a sustainable mobility package in your company

Le sustainable mobility package (FMD) is a support offered to salaried workers for their travel from home to their place of work. Even if some public service agents are also concerned, it is a legislative measure that is more aimed at workers in the private sector. However, this financial support remains optional, which leads many employers to question the interest of implementing it in their company.

10 reasons to set up a sustainable mobility package in your company
10 reasons to set up a sustainable mobility package in your company

If this is your case, here are 10 good reasons to do so.

Enable employees to save money

The sustainable mobility package is a solution that will allow your employees to save money significant amounts on their annual income. Indeed, you should know that this financial aid can go up to 700 euros per year, per employee. You will agree that this is not negligible.

Meeting the challenges of professional mobility

Today, more and more companies are aware of the importance that employees place on the well-being in the workplace. By setting up the sustainable mobility package, you show them that you care about it too. So, if you are looking to sign young talents with you, this can be an argument in your favor.

Help your employees get to work fast

When you decide to cover the mobility costs of your employees, this could help get to the service quickly. Many employees take public transport to get to work. This means of transport may prove to be slower than carpooling, for example.

Allow employees to choose a suitable means of travel

By setting up a sustainable mobility package in your company, your employees will have the freedom to adopt a means of transport that suits them. Indeed, they could choose between car-sharing, electric scooter, skateboard, etc.

Being eco-responsible

The implementation of a sustainable mobility package allows you to be perceived as an eco-responsible company. Indeed, it is a financial device that aims to promote green mobility, with less polluting means of transport.

Build cohesion among workers

The adoption of a sustainable mobility package within your company is favorable for the establishment of a certain cohesion between workers. Indeed, they will have the feeling of being treated fairly with regard to their displacement.

Enable employees to avoid cardiovascular problems

Some means of “soft mobility” transport help to maintain good health. This is the case of cycling to work every morning, which is a good solution for avoid cardiovascular problems.

Reduce stress at work

The introduction of a sustainable mobility package makes it possible to reduce the cases of work stress. Indeed, going to work by bike or skateboard is a way to exercise, which turns out to be an excellent way to evacuate stress.

Reduce the risk of employee burnout

Introducing a sustainable mobility package indirectly contributes to reducing risk of burnout among your employees. By clearing the mind thanks to free-floating means of transport, this will allow each worker to arrive at work more relaxed and to be more efficient.

The FMD is exempt from social charges

Finally, it should be noted that this lump sum allowance is exempt from social contributions and taxes. This is another advantage for your employees and also for you. However, care must be taken not to exceed the limit of 700 euros set in the mobility orientation law. If you want to offer more to your employees, be aware that the added sum will be subject to contributions and other taxes.

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