10 reasons to start repairing your things

In everyday life, objects can let go of us at any time. Who has never found themselves with a broken object or damaged clothing: a bag zipper that derails, a cell phone with a broken screen, the broken heel of a shoe… Objects that are faced with a lack of time or for convenience, our first instinct is to throw them away or / and buy new ones… However, it would suffice to have them repaired, or better to learn how to repair them! Here are 10 good reasons for you to repair your everyday items, whatever your profile:

10 reasons to start repairing your things
10 reasons to start repairing your things

Repair saves you money

One of the first benefits of repair is to avoid wasting money. To repair items that you would usually have bought without thinking, and for which the repair is within your reach: like re-stitching a shirt button… You can quite simply watch tutorials on the internet. Platforms like youtube are full of channels of this type of content. These little DIYs make it possible to demystify the repair which often seems insurmountable to us at first glance.

It's buying in a more reasoned way

The more you read this type of tutorial and repair objects yourself, the more you will understand how they work and what they are made of. This will trigger a virtuous circle that will allow you to buy more wisely. This will prevent you from falling victim to planned obsolescence ... and this, by buying, in general, better quality devices.

Learn to put yourself in perspective

If the repair is really beyond your reach, and you really don't have the time. Because it is Sunday evening ... And there is an emergency: your washing machine is blocked with your clothes inside. You can call a handyman friend. This will allow you to put the situation in perspective. And calmly find a solution with him! As a bonus, you can possibly ask him for advice on other devices that you were thinking of buying ...

Transform your flaws into qualities

If you have a compulsive shopper profile. You love novelty and you collect cell phones. Instead of letting them collect dust in a drawer so much that they become unusable. You can either give them to friends, associations ... Or resell them on sites specializing in the recycling of electronic devices of the back market type. In addition to doing something for the planet, you will strengthen your ties with those around you.

It's good for the planet !

Before recycling your devices, you can, if you need them or if the repair is too complex for you, have them repaired locally by a specialist. Instead of going through a large group that will buy its spare parts abroad. If possible, turn to a business in your neighborhood. This will reduce the environmental impact of the repair and boost the local economy.

Maybe very satisfying

Another good reason to learn to repair things yourself, if you can, is that it's just very satisfying. Learning and discovering how to repair things builds self-esteem. Being able to fix something on your own, whether it is difficult or not, is extremely satisfying. This allows us to regain control over certain things in our environment, when sometimes we have the impression that everything is escaping us!

Allows you to have a good time with your family

If you have children or grandnieces or nephews, this is your opportunity to teach them what you know about repairing things, recycling them or reusing them. Reflexes that must be learned as early as possible in order to put them into practice as quickly as possible. Nowadays, these are essential ecological values ​​to be passed on to future generations. It is also a great activity to have a good time with them.

Made re-appreciate the value of things

Repairing things is not only a good daily habit to save and preserve the planet, but it also allows you to re-appreciate the value of things. Taking time to repair an object can make you think about its real usefulness or its value. Often the objects that we have repaired or that we keep come from the family inheritance or a sentimental gift: a watch, a piece of furniture ... This questions our relationship to the material.

It's a good way to amortize the purchase of tools

How many times have we bought overpriced DIY materials. We only used it once ... Getting into the habit of repairing objects allows us to take stock of what we have in terms of tools. And use it more often to amortize the purchase. You can also rent it or lend it to those around you who might need it sporadically!

This is the opportunity to impress those around you

Learning to repair things on your own, and in doing so, developing new DIY skills, can be very helpful. In addition to being a personal satisfaction and economically interesting, it will also allow you to blow away those around you. Who, when you help him repair objects or devices with disconcerting ease, will appreciate you all the more.