10 reasons to subscribe to an Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime is a Premium subscription to a large number of diverse and varied services. Today, Amazon has nearly 200 million Prime subscribers worldwide. Are you still hesitating to subscribe to this subscription? Here are 10 reasons that will convince you to do it!

A video on demand service

Its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, competes widely with Netflix or OCS platforms. Amazon offers a catalog with diverse and varied content (films, series, documentaries, etc.) but also invests in original creations such as The Boys or The Grand Tour.

A music streaming offer

Amazon Music Prime is a service that allows Amazon Prime users to listen to music for free and freely. It offers more than 2 million titles and the possibility of listening to up to 40 hours of music per month without advertising.

Borrow ebooks for free

Thanks to Prime Reading, it is possible for Prime users to be able to borrow eeboks at will. Amazon also offers a large catalog of books on its platform. It is not mandatory to have a Kindle reader to have access to ebooks, the latter being also available on iOS and Android.

Soccer !

With Amazon Prime, football fans will be happy. Amazon has bought the broadcasting rights to Ligue 1 and Ligue 1, giving the company exclusive broadcasting rights for these football matches. It is also possible, if they wish, to have access to the championships by paying only 12,99 euros per additional month.

Gamers paradise

Subscribing to Amazon Prime means having access to Prime Gaming, a service linked directly to Twitch. The latter allows its users to unlock games each month as well as to subscribe to a free Twitch channel subscription. The boon for fans of streamers!

Unlimited photo storage

Amazon offers its subscribers a cloud service, which allows them to store up to 5 GB of data online. Regarding the storage of photos, this can be done in an unlimited way. A boon !

Free delivery

Known primarily for its delivery service, it makes sense that subscribing to Amazon Prime would give its users an edge on it. All Prime subscribers therefore have the possibility of being delivered for free in just one working day on a large part of the items on Amazon!

Priority on Flash sales

Amazon gives its Prime users priority access during Flash Sales which is eligible for up to 30 minutes after they start. Real VIPs!

Good plans

Prime subscribers are entitled to exclusive promotions throughout the year!

A low cost

Subscription to Amazon Prime is 5,99 euros per month, or 49 euros per year. A relatively low cost when you consider the number of services offered to its subscribers. On top of that, students are entitled to a discount, allowing them to subscribe for the modest sum of 24 euros per year.