10 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes

Since its appearance, the electronic cigarette has continued to grow in popularity. If for some (especially smokers), it is an excellent alternative to the classic cigarette, others, on the other hand, see it as a simple trendy gadget.

10 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes
10 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes

Do you belong to this category? Here are 10 reasons to opt for the electronic cigarette.

Preserving your health

Although the classic cigarette is known to be harmful, it is difficult for many smokers to quit. To fight against his need, you can buy electronic cigarette. Indeed, the e-liquid and vapor by this device are less harmful. This will significantly reduce the effects of nicotine on your metabolism and therefore preserve your health. In other words, the electronic cigarette does not have too many negative effects on human health.

Save money

Unlike the classic cigarette, the electronic one has an economic advantage. Indeed, with around 40 euros, you have access to your e-cig. Added to this is the maintenance (refilling the e-liquid) which costs around 5 euros. Knowing that an average vaper recharges his e-liquid every 3 days, the use of this gadget costs 50 euros/month. In the case of an average smoker (10 cigarettes per day), it will be necessary to plan a monthly expenditure of 150 €.

No lack

There will be no shortage to fill with the electronic cigarette. In other words, you do not develop any addiction by making such a choice. No matter what you are looking for, you can enjoy the gesture and the hit produced by the electronic cigarette.


You don't need to be gifted to use an e-cigarette. It is not only easy to use, but also very effective. Generally equipped with a battery with good autonomy and a waterproof tank, it allows you to vape easily for many hours.

More ecological

Nearly 137.000 cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every second. Since they take several years to degrade, the electronic cigarette option is a good way to protect the planet. Indeed, all its components (accumulator, resistance, battery, etc.) are recyclable.

The entourage

Unlike the electronic cigarette, the classic one gives off smoke. Of course, the latter (burning of harmful substances) is not only new to you. It is also for those around you. Thus, to avoid upsetting your loved ones, opting for the vape is a better solution.

Your physical condition

A study carried out on vapers (ex-classic cigarette smoker) revealed that the electronic cigarette increases lung capacity. Opting for this alternative is similar to quitting smoking altogether. You will find an Olympic form.

Taste and smell

The chemicals in cigarettes damage the taste buds. So when you smoke, you halve the capacity of your taste buds. Besides this, the smoke generated by tobacco also causes the inflammation of the smell receptors. All these risks are limited with the electronic cigarette.

Preserve your skin and your beauty

The traditional cigarette has a negative impact on your complexion and your beauty in general. If you quit smoking by switching to electronic models, you will notice after a while that your complexion clears up. Your wrinkles will be less marked, your teeth will whiten and your voice will also be more remarkable.

No weight gain

Generally, the smoker who quits smoking tends to fill his lack with food. However, by switching to e-cigs, you keep the gesture. This reduces the risk of weight gain.