10 reasons to travel to Paimpont in the Brocéliande forest

Nestled in the heart of the Brocéliande forest is the city of Paimpont. It is a tourist hotspot in Ille-et-Vilaine because of its surprising natural, historical and legendary heritage. There is so much to visit in Paimpont and its surroundings that one inevitably discovers a site or a monument to one's liking. Today is a trip to the Breton city where we explore places full of stories and mysteries!

10 reasons to travel to Paimpont in the Brocéliande forest
10 reasons to travel to Paimpont in the Brocéliande forest

Paimpont Abbey

Take a stroll around the lake in this peaceful village. You cannot fail to admire the august Lady of Paimpont. This building, which was a priory when it was founded in the 7th century, has been rebuilt and transformed over the centuries. To be finally renovated to the delight of its visitors. Nowadays, we find in this building the abbey of Notre-Dame de Paimpont, the presbytery and the town hall. It has become the most important architecture of the town, but also the imposing religious monument of Brocéliande!

The pond of Paimpont

Look no further for Lake Paimpont on the map! The view is deceptive, it is indeed a majestic pond where walking enthusiasts will be delighted to discover hiking trails accessible to all. Walk the arranged circuit which will never cease to surprise dreamers at the change of season. Practicable all year round, except during the hunting season, this route will take you to contemplate water, moors and peat bogs.

The forges of Paimpont

Witnesses to the presence of the metallurgical industry in Brocéliande over the centuries, the forges of Paimpont and its village, listed as a historic monument, are a must-see historical site. Blast furnaces, chapel, rolling mill, workshops, master's house ... Many buildings are available to the curious who come to marvel at this imprint of the past.

The door of secrets

One cannot speak of Paimpont by evoking its door of secrets. It is located in the old outbuildings of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Paimpont. It is a timeless experience that will lead you to learn more about the stories, legends and ecosystem of Brocéliande. Let yourself be guided in a storytelling journey, where humor, poetry and thrills go hand in hand.

After going through the door of secrets, perhaps you will have had your fill of emotions. If you want to quench your thirst or if you are looking for a restaurant in Paimpont, know that the Pas Sage de Brocéliande welcomes people eager for good stories of good artisanal dishes.

The forest of Paimpont

Most of the famous Brocéliande forest is in the Paimpont forest. Many stories and legends are associated with the sites of this ZNIEFF classified forest due to the great wealth of its flora and fauna. No need to find upcoming events in Paimpont when there are so many places to explore around! Here are a few not to be missed on your way.

Merlin's tomb

In the 19th century, this site which was originally a megalithic burial, an alley covered with red schist, was named Merlin's Tomb. This monument located north of the Paimpont forest is today made up of two stones standing one against the other.

The Barenton fountain

If this fountain has been the site of many Arthurian legends, it is still a natural water source concealing tenacious urban legends. Bubbling and healing spring near the village of Folle Pensée. It still conceals tenacious legends, which promises a love or the cure of madness. Likewise, the weather in Paimpont turns stormy if the water is poured on the steps of the fountain.

The Valley of No Return

This natural site is undoubtedly the Brocéliande valley with the most places to visit. Located around the town of Tréhorenteuc, to the west of the Paimpont forest, the Val sans Retour offers trails between moor and forest. The domain of the Fairy Morgane thus hides the rock of false lovers, the pond of the mirror with the fairies, the golden tree and the seat of merlin. For the more motivated, there is a little further south-west, a megalithic monument which dominates the Val, the Hotié de Viviane.


This shop is a real gem in the middle of the village of Paimpont which has a medieval atmosphere. You can find many beautiful things here like jewelry, souvenirs, clothes, even fantastic licenses like Harry Potter, Hobbit, Game of throne,… It is an excellent address, but be careful because you will be staying here for hours. !

Brocéliande Bike Tour

Electric bike rental to visit the forest and its legendary sites. It is located by the lake and gives a very reasonable price for perfect quality. Free accessories and electric mountain bike available for the more athletic. They will advise you on the circuit and adapt them according to your constraints. Trailers, followers and child seats for the little ones are rented with the bikes.

Tourism in Paimpont tempts you but you do not know where to stay. No worries, find a hotel or campsite in Paimpont and enjoy pitches or chalets in the heart of Brocéliande!

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