10 reasons to offer yourself or to offer a parachute jump

To afford a parachute jump consists in falling from a height ranging from a hundred meters, to then land thanks to a parachute. This allows you to measure the degree of fear and stress caused by activities of daily living that you do not enjoy.

10 reasons to offer yourself or to offer a parachute jump
10 reasons to offer yourself or to offer a parachute jump

So why do you have to offer yourself or offer a parachute jump? Details here!

You don't need any preparation

To make a parachute jump, you don't need to pack a suitcase like for a plane flight. You just need to bring comfortable clothes or sneakers. In fact, the complete equipment, including professional instruction, is available on site.

Discover a special view of the world

Looking down from a great height is startling, yet beautiful. If you've never done it before, now is the time to give it a try. The overview of the world is extraordinary. You perceive the world from a new perspective.

The adrenaline rush

Skydiving produces a sudden increase in heart rate. It is a natural fact caused by the release of adrenaline in the body. Skydiving is also a workout for the heart which pumps to bring more oxygen to the muscles.

An emotion of accomplishment after a parachute jump

Le skydiving is stressful and you should be proud of yourself if you succeed. It's a sport that gives you a level of confidence and self-esteem that few other activities give you. It's still not easy to overcome the fear of heights.

Skills that you can use in other areas

Skydivers enjoy working in a team and are able to manage their feelings during the flight. Taking a skydiving course allows you to gain other useful skills. These qualities, you can highlight them in other activities such as sports and professional situations.

Have new friends

Some people are shy and stay shy. On the other hand, those who like to travel around the world have friends everywhere. Skydiving is a real opportunity to meet people from elsewhere and make friends with them.

Burn a good amount of calories

During a 10 second fall, if you weigh 70 kg., the force of gravity will be about 750 N. This is equivalent to lifting 70 kg. Your body temperature rises and you lose enough amount of calories.

Fight fear and build self-confidence

Skydiving allows you to go beyond your limits. If you don't have vertigo, you are afraid of the feeling of falling or what might happen during the jump. Remember that whatever your concern, skydiving has a solution.

Best way to see the world from above

Le skydiving lets you see the world below you, in all its glory. You will see rivers, lakes, forests, houses etc. You contemplate the beauty of nature in another way.

You win a new discussion topic

After a parachute jump, your fields of discussion widen. You have something new to tell. So you impress your loved ones with emotions, photos and videos.


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