10 reasons to use big data for your business

Big Data (megadata in French) is all the data produced by individuals and companies, especially on the net. It is collected and analyzed through “Business Intelligence” and constitutes a huge opportunity for companies.

10 reasons to use big data for your business
10 reasons to use big data for your business

Discover here 10 reasons to use it.

Know and master the market

This is the first benefit of data collection and analysis. Market information is indeed an essential element for the development of any company regardless of its sector of activity. A company that knows nothing about its environment is like an army that has no knowledge of the battlefield. Do not hesitate to visit the site next-decision.fr in order to benefit from expertise in the matter.

Know your customers well

The data collected also includes that of the company's customers. In other words, Big Data and Business Intelligence make it possible to better understand the needs of its customers, and even to anticipate them. For example, an American company was able to predict the birth of pregnant women through online purchases.

Improve the quality of services and products

Perfect knowledge of customer needs then helps the company to improve the quality of its services and products. For example, it allows it to improve the user experience of customers on its site in order to facilitate their access to the information sought.

To face the concurrence

Big Data is also used to obtain information about other companies, especially those operating in the same business sector. In doing so, it makes it possible to know the strategies they implement in order to deal with it.

To anticipate

The data collected and analyzed by Business Intelligence can allow a company to predict the evolution of the market over the long term. She can thus implement strategies enabling her to adapt as she goes along.

Facilitates decision-making

This is another great benefit of data collection and analysis. By having an enormous amount of information at their disposal, leaders make decisions more easily. These are also more effective, because the margin of error is very low thanks to the tools used by Business Intelligence.

Improves employee productivity

Collecting and processing data improves employee productivity. It allows a fast and reliable return of data to employees, allowing them to devote themselves to other tasks.

Control and reduction of production costs

Another significant advantage of Big Data is the control and reduction of production costs. As stated above, it makes it possible to know the path and the various purchases made by customers or Internet users over a given period. In doing so, managers can know which products to invest more in and which to abandon.

Knowing and caring for the reputation of the company

The data also concerns the opinions, testimonials, etc. of Internet users about the company. Big Data and Business Intelligence then make it possible to know and take care of the reputation of your company on the net and on social networks.

Increase your turnover

This is the ultimate goal and major benefit of data collection. All the previous advantages (increased knowledge of the clientele, of the market, ease of decision-making, etc.) are in fact intended to increase the company's turnover.