10 reasons to use CBD

A very trendy molecule, cannabidiol or CBD is used in many areas. A product with a thousand virtues, it is consumed both in certain everyday situations and in sport. CBD is even a component of various cosmetic products. With the following 10 points, your fears about its use will be forgotten.

CBD for acne

Cannabidiol is highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore one of the ingredients to fight effectively against acne. This molecule reduces the formation of acne by acting on the cells of the immune system that cause breakouts. A CBD product also limits inflammation in the glands and hair follicles that give rise to pimples.

Buy an acne cream in a CBD shop in France does not present any risk. This product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and reactive ones.

CBD for inflammatory pain

Some pains require the use of analgesics. CBD is presented as an alternative against these drugs. It helps the brain reduce pain caused by the inflammatory response. Thus, cannabidiol is positioned as an alternative to opioids because it is not addictive.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also benefit athletes. They make it possible to limit the pain and muscle tension due to too intensive training.

CBD against bacteria

CBD is an excellent antibacterial. The hemp oil from which it is derived kills bacteria and microbes, including staphylococci and streptococci. This product is therefore an excellent ally against skin infections. Likewise, it cleanses the skin. Its continuous application corrects acne problems as well as skin imperfections. It also prevents the appearance of new pimples.

CBD for nausea and vomiting

Nausea or vomiting can occur after ingestion of expired or poorly washed food. If in this situation you don't have a suitable medication on hand, you can still use CBD. A hemp infusion is as effective as an antiemetic. This will also have a calming effect, which will allow you to resume your activities calmly.

CBD against stress

Thanks to its relaxing effects, CBD effectively replaces anti-anxiety drugs. The molecule has powerful effects against stress. This product is therefore ideal for athletes in the middle of intensive training, especially before a competition. The same goes for people who face various pressures on a daily basis. Once ingested, CBD helps the body release stress-fighting hormones. It reduces the body's negative responses to it.

CBD, a beauty asset

The regulatory effects of CBD on the secretion of sebum by the skin are proven. The latter is known to promote the appearance of pimples. The continued use of cannabidiol also makes it possible to mattify the complexion for a guaranteed healthy glow effect.

CBD contains, among other things, vitamins A, C and E which soften the epidermis and make it radiant. It also hydrates the skin intensively. Thus, the formation of fine lines is reduced.

CBD, a possible cure for cancer

Medicinally, CBD is used to relieve pain. Studies have shown that the latter can be effective against cancer. Although it is not universally proven, cannabidiol may reduce the formation of cancer cells.

Additionally, CBD is found to be particularly beneficial for people undergoing chemotherapy. It reduces the side effects of treatment while allowing patients to reduce the risk of depression leading to cancer development.

CBD for self-care

Did you know that cannabidiol is a great addition for those on a diet? Indeed, its properties allow you to better manage your hunger. Its regular consumption will then help you to resist the small cravings of the day. This virtue is appreciated by athletes who must maintain a precise weight. At the same time, CBD is ideal for those who want to gain effective mass.

CBD to stimulate hair and nails

With the rhythm of everyday life but also with pollution, nails and hair are damaged easily and quickly. They therefore need effective protection. The latter can be obtained through CBD. Hemp-based massage oil is particularly recommended for your hair and nails.

Enriched with omega 3 and 6, it repairs hair while boosting their growth. Applied to the nails, CBD massage oil ensures health and strengthening while stimulating their regrowth. For the product to work properly, apply it to your cuticles and massage them gently.

CBD against certain diseases

Epileptic seizures and the various symptoms associated with them have the same cause. These disorders are due to a problem with the endogenous cannabinoid system. Ingesting CBD allows its molecules to attach to the CB1 receptors in your system. Thus, the product reduces cramps, spasms and loss of consciousness due to epilepsy.

People with osteoporosis can also benefit from CBD. This disease which weakens the bones is caused by the enzyme FAAH. Cannabidiol combines with fatty acid amides (FAA) in the body. Their action blocks the effects of FAAH and ensures the remodeling of the bones to strengthen them.

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