10 reasons to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks these days. Today, many professionals are present on this social network. We give you 10 reasons why it is interesting to use Instagram for your business!

Easy to use

Instagram is a very easy to use social network. You just need to create your professional account, then personalize it and share the content you want, in photos or videos. The functionalities are multiple, of course, but always very well indicated!

A very popular social network

Instagram has over 500 million users who log in every day. It is the most used social network behind Facebook, and has a higher growth than the latter. The potential for any business is therefore immense, especially since the social network is perfectly suited for professionals.

Just be up to date

It is important for a company to be aware of news, especially in matters that concern it. Instagram will allow you to be up to date and know what the latest information is, whether it's about collaborators or competitors.

Optimal promotion of its products

Nothing better than Instagram as a social network to discover its products. The way the platform is designed, with the possibility of posting photos, images and videos, makes it possible to present and embellish its products in order to make users want to consume them.

Develop your brand image

Communicating through images is the best way to develop a brand image. It is easier to arouse an emotion in the consumer with a visual than with a text. As you will have understood, as Instagram highlights images, it is therefore the most optimal social network to highlight the brand image of your company.

Benefit from better visibility

Like a real digital showcase for your business, Instagram is ideal for gaining more visibility. Highlighting the address of your point of sale, organizing contests or promoting products through posts and stories: all these methods will help you gain views and subscribers. Undeniably, you will therefore have more potential consumers.

Multiple and modern features

Instagram has regular updates that adapt the social network to the desires and needs of users, but also of businesses. There are features such as “Order on Instagram” which will suit both individuals and professionals.

Do influencer marketing

There are many influencers and personalities present and active on Instagram. The perfect opportunity for a company to make partnerships with them such as product placements, contests or promotional publications in order to make its brand more noticeable.

Make targeted advertisements

Thanks to the Business Manager tool, you can make sure to target your ads on Instagram by choosing specific targets according to age groups, location and user interests. The perfect way to hit targets for an entrepreneur!

Increase the engagement rate

Instagram is the social media for which users are the most engaged and active. Thanks to tools such as likes, sharing, hashtags or even stories, it is easy for a company to retain its subscribers!