10 reasons to use Pinterest

The Pinterest social network, very popular lately, has nearly 250 million monthly users worldwide. Here are 10 reasons why you will want to use Pinterest.

A simple and fun social network

Easy to use, Pinterest is a social network that consists of grouping ideas on various subjects in the form of catalogs.

A fad

Pinterest is a trendy social network, which is used by more and more users. It is therefore important to create a profile and use Pinterest even a little. Whether you are an individual, to follow new trends, or whether you are a professional to align yourself with competitors.

A means of communication

Pinterest is above all a social network, which therefore allows you to interact with other users, through comments under publications using sharing. This allows you to meet people who have the same interests as you!

A way to relax

Going on Pinterest allows us to let go, to clear our minds by offering our eyes pretty restful visuals. It is typically the social network that we consult accompanied by a cup of tea on the couch, not thinking about our problems.

A source of inspiration

Real digital Ali Baba's cave, Pinterest is the social network for you if you are lacking in inspiration. In terms of fashion to get the idea of ​​outfit that would suit you best or even in the field of cooking to find the ideal recipe: you will always find what you are looking for on Pinterest.

Save your favorite content

One of Pinterest's most useful features is being able to save the content we like by bookmarking it. You can even categorize and group the content you like into tables you create yourself based on your preferences. Ideal for organizing your shopping ideas etc.

Promote your brand and products

If you manage a business or a business and have products to promote, Pinterest is the ideal social network for it. You can exhibit and present your products as in a real showcase in order to gain more visibility.

Improve your SEO

If you have a website to promote, Pinterest can help you improve its natural referencing. Indeed, Pinterest has the feature of being able to add "pinned" which will allow you to add the link of your website on your products so that users visit it. In addition, by typing a keyword in Google Images, Internet users will have your Pinterest board as proposals, which will then redirect them to your website.

Fast and regular updates

Posts on Pinterest have lifespans of several months, unlike a social network like Twitter where the lifespan of a post is only about twenty minutes. So all you have to do is quickly update the products on your boards, and your posts will stay at the top of the News Feed.

Gain followers on other social networks

You have the possibility with Pinterest to associate your profile with your Instagram and Youtube profiles. By doing this, your Instagram and Youtube posts will automatically be posted on Pinterest, which will allow you to have greater visibility and gain Pinterest followers on these social networks.