10 reasons to use Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service used by over 400 million active users worldwide. Its success makes Spotify the first or second option people consider when they think of listening to music. Here we give you 10 reasons to use Spotify!

Good quality sound

The encoding of songs on Spotify is equivalent to a bitrate of 160kb/s. In comparison, Deezer has a bitrate of 96kb/s. The most attentive will therefore be able to realize the difference in sound quality compared to other music streaming applications. And when you listen to music with headphones, the difference is obvious!

Speed ​​of use

Spotify is really fast to use, like an MP3 player. The sounds scroll between them spontaneously and there are no loading delays between them. It is even possible to cut a sound instantly to switch to another, desired or random.

An optimal interface

The Spotify app platform is really easy to use. You can have access to artists and songs in a few clicks as well as having access to all tracks at any time.

A complete catalog

Spotify has the advantage of offering its users a catalog of more than 20 million songs, shows and audio podcasts. As users, there is therefore something for all tastes and styles.

Works like a social network

With Spotify it is possible to interact with other users by creating your own playlists which can then be shared with other users. Something to create real moments of complicity through music!

Allows you to pay artists

Listening to artists' music on Spotify also means supporting them at your level. Indeed, the number of subscriptions that artists have on Spotify will allow them to promote their musical catalog and therefore increase their revenue through streaming, as well as the digital and physical purchases that will result from this.

Available on all platforms

You have the possibility to use Spotify on all possible platforms. Whether on mobile phones (Android, Apple, etc.), tablets, computers or game consoles: Spotify is accessible everywhere!

Takes up little storage space

Spotify only takes up around 160MB on an Apple or Android device, which is relatively small when you compare it to apps like Snapchat or Twitter that take up more than 1GB of space. In addition to being fast to use, Spotify won't slow down your device or web browser!

A reasonable cost

The subscription to Spotify Premium, to listen to music without ads, costs its users the sum of 9,99 euros per month. A relatively reasonable price when you know the number of musical contents that are offered and the cost that really costs the purchase of a disc only.

Free trials

Before subscribing to Spotify Premium, the platform gives you the possibility to use the offer for three months for free and then to pay the subscription if it has agreed to you. The opportunity to be able to test Spotify without taking any financial risk!