10 reasons to use telerehabilitation

Having become essential today, telerehabilitation makes it possible to benefit from a remote therapeutic consultation. This practice is suitable for patients with sprains or any other problem related to the mobility of the lower limbs.

10 reasons to use telerehabilitation
10 reasons to use telerehabilitation

Discover the 10 essential reasons why you should opt for this solution.

Continue to receive care even at home

La telereeducation allows patients to continue to benefit from care even at home. It makes it possible to gradually regain the mobility of the affected limbs thanks to remote rehabilitation sessions. You do not necessarily need to be in contact with nurses or health personnel to perform the movements.

Enjoy remote help and pleasant company

Telerehabilitation is also essential, because it offers the possibility of being accompanied by a loved one. Indeed, some patients prefer to be accompanied by a member of their family or a loved one. While the therapist gives his instructions, the patient performs his difficult movements in complete safety under the watchful eye of a loved one.

Win time

Sometimes it takes a long time before you can benefit from a consultation with a specialist. To avoid unnecessary waiting, you must opt ​​for telerehabilitation. It allows you to make an appointment and simply wait for the exact day and time at home without having to travel.

To save money

No need for transport costs to benefit from the consultation. All you have to do is book your appointment online, pay the fees and simply wait for the agreed day.

Evolve at your own pace

The patient is the center of attention. Telerehabilitation allows him to know his limits and to take breaks if necessary. You have to listen to your body to heal properly. Even if the progress is not visible at the beginning, the continuity of the treatment will be proven.

Easier contact with your specialist

Telerehabilitation is also advantageous, because it favors a good relationship between professional and patient. You can contact medical assistance with any concerns at any time.

Fees adaptable to the patient

To best help patients, some specialists adapt the costs of their consultations to each patient. You can get a good discount and affordable rate depending on your problem and how many sessions you need.

Manage your availability

With this remote consultation arrangement, you decide the time and day that suits you. The ideal is to allow one to two hours to perform the mobility exercises recommended by the therapist. Stimulate your muscles gently to get good results.

To be more at ease

Some patients feel uncomfortable when in clinics or hospitals. To avoid the discomfort of hospitals, it is wise to opt for a remote consultation. It will then suffice to benefit from the doctor's know-how in an environment in which the patient feels more relaxed.

Heal without heavy treatments

Sometimes, for lack of time, some patients opt for heavy treatments that can aggravate their cases. With telerehabilitation, they obtain an accurate diagnosis and rigorous follow-up without opting for irreversible treatments.

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