10 reasons to use Twitter for business

Twitter is a very famous social network, which is however often set aside by professionals compared to Instagram or Facebook. However, it remains just as effective, if not more so, than them when it comes to a corporate communication strategy. Here are the 10 reasons why it is important for a company to use Twitter!

A popular social network

In France, Twitter is one of the most used social networks. It has more than 12 million monthly active users, and has experienced strong growth in recent years. Users interact with each other quickly, ideal for a company that wants to use the network to communicate.

A professional social network

Twitter is a social network mainly used by individuals. However, it remains a market for companies, as the network also has a large community of active professionals. Twitter is also the social network on which users follow the most professional accounts.

Continuous information

Twitter is a social news network, on which information circulates every day about all subjects. Individuals, professionals constantly share information on various fields. It is therefore interesting for a company to be located on this network in order to obtain timely information on specific sectors.

Improve your SEO referencing

It is always difficult to be well referenced on social networks. Recently, tweets have been integrated into Google as a search result. Twitter has therefore become a complementary natural referencing tool. Tweets posted, if they contain relevant and effective keywords, can give companies visibility on social networks.

Ideal for customer service

Since Twitter is a social network that relies on quick and easy interaction between users, it is simple to be able to interact with all accounts. Many users use the social network to share their opinion, positive or negative, on the services of a brand. Twitter will therefore be able to be used by companies as a customer service tool, by answering their customers' questions and problems.

A way to develop your network

Twitter is a network that has a very active audience at all times, and which is mixed. It is therefore a real treasure for companies, which can, thanks to the subscription system, build up a real network of people who share centers of interest with them.

Monitor the competition

Twitter is a monitoring tool which therefore makes it possible to obtain various and varied information. It is also a way for a company to monitor competing companies in the same sector, by analyzing their communication strategy on the networks or their news.

Aim for local targets

The “Twitter Search” tool allows you to search for users based on their city of residence. This makes it possible to target people locally, who are likely to become consumers.

Allows you to improve your brand image

By paying attention to what people say about your business on the social network, you can change your behavior to best suit their expectations. Discussing with customers and responding to their criticisms in a polite way can improve your e-reputation.

Elon Musk bought Twitter

You probably know it, but Twitter was recently bought by entrepreneur Elon Musk for the sum of 44 billion dollars. The billionaire has announced that he wants to further improve the social network and allow more freedoms as well as monetization for the platform, which can prove very beneficial in the future for professionals.